Period Delay

We've all had those moments before, when you have a special occasion or holiday coming up and your period starts. However, thanks to the help of period delay medications, you now have the option to push back the start of your period for a couple of weeks until it's convenient for it to start again. These treatments delay your period by controlling when the womb lining is shed, which is usually what happens right before your period.

euroClinix provides you with a safe, confidential and convenient way to buy Norethisterone, a proven period delay treatment. All we ask is that you complete a confidential consultation form when you place your order, so that we can make sure that you qualify for a prescription for this treatment. If your consultation is approved by one of our doctors, which usually only takes a couple of hours, your period delay treatment will be shipped from our pharmacy straight to your door.

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Norethisterone is a hormonal period delay treatment that can push back the start of your period by up to two weeks. This short term treatment is ideal for scenarios where it’s not entirely convenient for your period to start, like just before a weekend away or any other special occasion. It can also be helpful in treating uncomfortable, heavy and painful periods, endometriosis and other premenstrual symptoms.

What is period delay?

Period delay is when you take a treatment, which usually contains a high dose of artificial progestogen, to push back the start of your period. Progestogen occurs naturally in the female body where it plays a key role during the menstrual cycle. The period delay treatment Norethisterone mimics its actions of this hormone, providing a temporary yet natural solution.

In some cases, if you are using a combined hormonal birth control pill, a doctor can instruct you how to use it to delay your period as well.

How does delaying your period work?

Period delay medications contain high levels of progestogen. This causes your body to hold on to the lining of the womb for longer, consequently causing your period to start later. To understand this better, we need to look at the progestogens’ role during your menstrual cycle. Progestogen is responsible for helping the womb lining flourish and grow, so that when an egg gets fertilised, it can attach itself to the womb lining where it will stay and grow during pregnancy. The level of progestogen being released will then stay relatively high during the entire pregnancy. However, if an egg isn’t fertilised, the level of progestogen drops, causing the womb lining to be shed.

Taking period delay treatments keeps the level of progestogen high, which means that the womb lining continues to flourish instead of being shed as normal. This will continue until you stop taking the tablets.

Are there any risks associated with period delay?

The risk involved with taking period delay medications is usually very low, because they are only used for a short period of time. There is a slight risk of side effects with this type of medication, but it’s very low. If side effects do occur they are normally mild in nature. The most common side effects include weight gain, depression, dizziness, fever, drowsiness, headaches, fluid retention or swelling, appetite changes, sleeplessness and high blood sugar.

Can I buy medications for period delay online?

The period delay treatment, Norethisterone is available to order online from euroClinix. However, because it is a prescription medication we ask that you complete a quick online consultation. Our consultation is completely free and confidential and is only there to help our doctors to make sure that you can safely use Norethisterone to delay your period. If your consultation is approved, a prescription will be issued and passed to our pharmacy where it will be dispensed and checked by our pharmacist and dispatched using our secure overnight delivery courier.