Vaniqa is a safe treatment that has been clinically tested to effectively treat excessive facial hair growth in women within four to six weeks.
It inhibits the enzyme responsible for making hair grow, in turn slowing down the growth of new hair.

  • Decreases overall visibility of hair
  • Visible results within four to six weeks
  • Low risk of side effects
  • Dispensed in a tube for easy application
Free delivery within 24 hours as standard on all orders
Free consultation with all orders (no prior-prescription required)
Vaniqa FAQs

What are the benefits of Vaniqa?

Vaniqa cream has been clinically tested and proven to effectively treat excessive facial hair growth in women within four to six weeks of use. Because it's a topical cream, applying the medication to the desired area is particularly easy and will ensure the relevant skin surface is treated. This will also isolate side effects to a single area if they should arise. It's also much cheaper than methods such as laser treatments or electrolysis and has a very low risk of side effects in comparison.

How does it work

Vaniqa's active ingredient eflornithine affects the enzyme ornithine decarboxylase to treat excessive hair facial growth. This enzyme is responsible for making hair grow, as it is located inside the follicles themselves, and by blocking it from functioning properly eflornithine slows the growth of new hair.

How to use Vaniqa

Vaniqa should be used twice per day by applying a thin layer of the cream to the desired area of skin. It's advisable that the treatment has an eight hour break between applications if possible and you should ensure the skin is clean and dry before use. If at any point you experience skin irritation you should reduce the amount of applications to once per day, and if this still continues consult your doctor for more information.

Vaniqa is dispensed in a tub which should last between four and six weeks. Most women will notice an improvement within that time, although in some cases it may take up to eight weeks. If the cream is still not effective after four months of use you should contact your doctor.

Make-up or sunscreen should only be applied to the skin after at least five minutes after using Vaniqa cream. It's always advisable that you follow the prescription instructions exactly, as overuse of the treatment may increase the risk of side effects or reduce its effectiveness. Simply applying more treatment will not guarantee you better or faster results.

Does it cause side effects?

There is a small chance that it may cause some mild side effects, as with all prescription medications. These include irritation to the skin, ingrown hairs, dry skin or cold sores, and changes in skin pigmentation. Although these should be mild or non-existent, if any side effects should continue or worsen you should consult your doctor immediately.

Can I buy Vaniqa online?

You can buy Vaniqa online at after a free and simple consultation. Our doctors use this consultation to gauge your suitability for the treatment before approving a prescription for you. Once your medical information has been deemed appropriate for treatment, your script will be sent to our pharmacy where the Vaniqa cream will be dispensed. Depending on which delivery option you chose during your checkout process, your medication should arrive within a few days.

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"For many women, signs of visible facial hair can be embarrassing; luckily treatments like Vaniqa are available to help."

Genuine medication

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