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How Can Wearing The Wrong Bra Size Harm Your Health?

Posted in: Women's Health 30 Nov, 2015

Finding the right bra is no joke. Misery-filled hours in John Lewis, Debenhams and M&S getting felt up by ladies with a tape measure, and then sweating a tantrum in the changing rooms is not time... Read More

What Is Chemsex?

Posted in: Sexual Health 25 Nov, 2015

Chemsex. I wonder if that'll make it into the dictionary next year? If 'emojii' can make it then this has a good shot. So what is chemsex? It's when people take mind-altering substances like... Read More

New & Exciting Ways To Deal With Your Period

Posted in: Women's Health 23 Nov, 2015

How do you manage your period? With Kit Kats, crying and a sex desert that challenges the Gobi for vastness and dryness? Well we're going through a literal period of change right now.... Read More

Short-Sightedness Is Becoming More Common, Why?

Posted in: General Health 18 Nov, 2015

If there was a survey about what our most underappreciated body part was, the answer would probably be 'our eyes'. We abuse them; let's not beat around the bush. Unless we're asleep they're used... Read More

One Billion Obese By 2025; How Many Will Have Diabetes?

Posted in: Weight Loss 13 Nov, 2015

Woah - a billion people will be obeseby 2025? That's only ten years off! AND a new study estimates that 592 million people will have diabetes – mainly type 2 - by 2035. Those are some pretty... Read More

Can A Moustache Benefit Your Health?

Posted in: Men's Health 09 Nov, 2015

If I were to ask anyone in the room if they liked a moustache I'm pretty sure that a Western style tumbleweed would blow past - unless of course we're watching old black and white classics. Hello... Read More