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Mobile site launched for euroClinix

Posted in: euroClinix News 08 Jun, 2012

Over 50% of people in the UK now own smartphones and current trends show that we are close to reaching a similar percentage in many European countries. With this in mind, the obvious move for any... Read More

High blood pressure and high cholesterol medication available online

Posted in: Heart Health 01 Jun, 2012

Heart failure is one of the main causes of death within the UK, killing more than 191,000 people every year. The cost to the NHS of treating heart conditions is in excess of £30bn. At euroClinix,... Read More

New travel health medications available to make your holidays more enjoyable

Posted in: Travel Health 25 May, 2012

From the coldest May in 100 years to a heatwave sure to have us reaching for our sunscreen, lest no one say that UK weather is predictable. In a pleasantly coincidental turn of events, the... Read More

Xenical now available despite short supply

Posted in: euroClinix News 20 Mar, 2012

We are pleased to inform our patients of a new supply of Xenical now available at euroClinix. Due to manufacturing problems all pharmacies have had a limited supply of Xenical and this has caused a... Read More

euroClinix Category Update

Posted in: euroClinix News 13 Feb, 2012

With a necessity and dedication to providing information and treatments for those illnesses and conditions which can affect us, euroClinix has updated its site with new categories, namely hair... Read More