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Short-Sightedness Is Becoming More Common, Why?

Posted in: General Health 18 Nov, 2015

If there was a survey about what our most underappreciated body part was, the answer would probably be 'our eyes'. We abuse them; let's not beat around the bush. Unless we're asleep they're used... Read More

Stressed Employees? Why You Should Care

Posted in: General Health 02 Nov, 2015

Remember, remember the 4th of November, because it's National Stress Awareness Day. I bet Guy Fawkes dealt with some stress in his time. Let's make sure your employees don't end up like him. Read More

Why Are Some People More Prone To UTIs?

Posted in: General Health 26 Oct, 2015

Urinary tract infections are the curse of the female class. That not to say blokes don't get them, it's just more frequent in women because the urethra is short and bacteria have less of a climb.... Read More

Can You Be Stressed And Not Know It?

Posted in: General Health 19 Oct, 2015

Stress is a big influence on our health. It's no longer the scorned 'yuppie disease', quite the opposite in fact because we now know that stress contributes to a whole heap of health issues.... Read More

How Is Smoking Linked To Arthritis?

Posted in: General Health 12 Oct, 2015

Smoking is related to a lot of illness. It has no health benefits, only health drawbacks. Arthritis is not an obvious result of smoking, it's not shouted about like cancer, respiratory illness or... Read More

Cholesterol FAQs: Causes, Symptoms & Dangers

Posted in: General Health 05 Oct, 2015

Six in ten adults have high cholesterol. Isn't that shocking? It's probably time you had yours tested. Before you go, read this to get an idea of what you might be up against. Read More