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How To Get Through The Afternoon At Work

Posted in: General Health 14 Sep, 2015

When you've eaten all of your packed lunch by 11am, you know it's going to be a bad day.

The Afternoon Slump, which often begins at 9am, is renowned. Make a phone call at 2.30 to someone and you're not likely to get a good response. Being stuck at work when you'd rather be out in the sun (or rain) is miserable. If you're tired then that's magnified by at least 100 times.

Here's how to stay friendly with colleagues and pull it out of the hat when your chief exec walks past at 3.45.

Avoid Fizzy Drinks

At 3pm you might give up and visit the vending machine to spend an extortionate amount on a Coke. It'll give you a momentary lift, but a crash deeper than Ghandi's wisdom is waiting for you, so try hard to resist. This is easy for some as health policies have removed vending machines from offices. Don't cry. Drink some water and think on these options...

Choose Lunch Wisely

A massive lunch induces sleep, so choose something that gives you energy and will release that energy slowly. Rice and chicken is a good bet, as is anything protein packed.

Choose Tea Over Coffee

Tea is lower in caffeine. If you can sip small amounts of tea throughout the day you'll get a steady drip feed. A massive latte poured down your neck will make you feel great for all of twenty minutes. You'll also put on weight because bought coffees are often packed with sugar and fat.


Essential oils can give you a real boost. We don't use our senses enough to lift our moods. Lavender is relaxing so don't sniff that or you'll cause dribble-induced keyboard damage. Try uplifting citrus scents, rosemary or mint. Some strong mints may have the same effect, but make them sugar-free to save your teeth.

Walk Around

Try to get outside even if you have to fake a smoke break. Wear a coat and take an umbrella each day because even 15 minutes will boost your mind with lovely oxygen and sunlight.

Make Like A Rabbit

I don't mean sneaking off for sex in the hedge, instead snack on some raw vegetables or whole-grain crackers to raise your blood sugar and think about sex in the hedge instead.

Have a Laugh

Make a drink and chat to a co-worker. If you can, call a friend for a laugh or secretly look online at your favourite entertainment page all the better. Laughing boosts your mood.

Clear Your Inbox

This mundane, brainless task requires little energy but you'll feel accomplished. If you can force yourself to finish a task that's been hanging over you for weeks, the relief boosts your mood and you may find yourself cracking on with other dreaded tasks.

If All Else Fails -Fake It

You'll always look busy when you stand to type or use the phone. Plus standing will get your heart working. Sometimes when we fake it, we actually end up believing it - just like Kanye.

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