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Are bald men at a greater risk of heart disease?

Posted in: Heart Health 05 Apr, 2013

According to new research in Japan, men with baldness have a greater chance of developing heart problems than those with a full head of hair. The research published by the British Medical Journal... Read More

Hypertension – Paying attention to what you eat

Posted in: Heart Health 30 Nov, 2012

Sodium is important in our diet, but it’s easy to consume too much, which is isn’t good for the body. People with high blood pressure in particular should be careful to control the sodium... Read More

Meditation can be good for the mind and heart

Posted in: Heart Health 14 Nov, 2012

The response to meditation in medical science is varied. Some believe it has a therapeutic health enhancing benefit, while others feel that there is no scientific basis for recommending meditation... Read More

Cholesterol risk concern for people with diabetes

Posted in: Heart Health 11 Sep, 2012

A charity has warned that thousands of people who have diabetes are failing to effectively control their cholesterol levels consequently putting themselves at an increased risk of heart disease.... Read More

High blood pressure and high cholesterol medication available online

Posted in: Heart Health 01 Jun, 2012

Heart failure is one of the main causes of death within the UK, killing more than 191,000 people every year. The cost to the NHS of treating heart conditions is in excess of £30bn. At euroClinix,... Read More

How can a stroke "turn" you gay?

Posted in: Heart Health 18 Apr, 2012

Around 150,000 people have a stroke in the UK each year and a third of them will suffer from severe life changes such as a disability. However, some of the changes people experience can be to their... Read More