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Can herbal supplements be an alternative to Viagra?

Posted in: Men's Health 09 Jan, 2013

Viagra, Cialis and Levitra have helped treat thousands of men with erectile dysfunction and have come to be an effective solution for many men who have issues maintaining their ideal sex life. However, amidst these medically proven solutions and other therapies specifically intended to help improve erections, you can’t ignore all the unsolicited emails telling us about the wonderful ‘herbal supplements’ that can be miracle cures for impotence. It’s not just in our spam boxes though, there are literally countless articles, studies and advertisements announcing the benefits of herbs and other supplements.

What ginseng does

The most recent article I’ve read about herbal impotence treatments was one featured in the Mail Online, talking about the benefits of Korean ginseng berry. Not that the health benefits of ginseng is news to us, it is often found in sexual health supplements or supplements that reportedly improve concentration or give energy, to name just a few. Like many herbal miracles, ginseng has been ‘used for thousands of years’. It is thought that ginseng’s strength lies in the fact that it’s ‘adaptagenic’ meaning that it can help your body deal with many physical afflictions and not just one. Also, it contains ginsenosides or panaxosides which are said to be responsible for it’s medical effect, but to put it simply, it’s thought to help improve circulation.

Herbal treatments and impotence

Many herbal products reputed to help ‘boost libido’ and improve ‘male performance’ are said to do so because they ‘improve circulation’. So on this way, perhaps, some products may be able to benefit male sexual health, although very few or hardly any clinical data exists for this, and this is also why medical authorities haven’t licenced products such as ginseng for this use.

Prescription treatments for impotence

Circulation plays a very important part role in the erection process, because the penile tissues need adequate blood supply to ensure that you get a healthy erection that can be sustained long enough to have satisfactory sexual intercourse with a partner. To put it simply, prescription impotence medications work to help with blood flow to the penis, by allowing blood vessels to remain wide enough so that blood can go where it needs to go. This can be particularly helpful, particularly if you have an existing condition that is making it difficult for you to get an erection.

In opposition to herbal treatments, we at least know that prescription impotence medications are proven to work, have been on the market for years and are regulated by medical authorities.

Why you should go to your doctor

It’s a popular misconception that Viagra and similar medications are simply just prescribed to men to take just before sex, when in actual fact it will normally only be recommended to men who experience impotence on a regular basis. However, whether you would like to try an alternative impotence treatment such as ginseng, use a penis pump or take a prescription treatment, it’s still recommended that you speak to your doctor about your condition to eliminate the risks of any underlying health dangers.

We tend to see impotence as a mainly sexual problem and although it is, it can be a very helpful indicator of other health problems. Therefore it should not be ignored or treated with home remedies, before your condition has been reviewed by a doctor.

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