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FBIs – Are we making light of a serious situation?

Posted in: Men's Health 01 Feb, 2013

According to online sales information of a popular online pharmacy, more men are buying a combination of treatments for baldness, impotence and obesity in one go. The Mail Online calls it ‘The Rise of the FBIs’, which is their interesting abbreviated term for fat, bald and impotent men. However, should we really be making light of what appears to be a situation that may require more attention?

The article states that the online pharmacy have noticed an increase in the number of sales they have made on impotence, obesity and baldness medications. This is considered significant because these treatments were sold together, with the top sellers being herbal products.

Now, this is also mentioned in the article, one is inclined to think that this influx of sales is mainly due to the ease of getting medications online, which I think is probably true. As usual the Mail Online shines a very negative light on this method of getting treatment, but at least men are seeking help, and is that such a bad thing? I am definitely not saying that men should be taking herbal treatments and completely avoiding going to their doctor, but perhaps online healthcare could be a new approach to male health problems?

If UK men are really in as much trouble, calling them FBIs are definitely going to help. Things have come a long way, but many men still find it difficult to speak to their doctor about their health, or even to consider going to their doctor at all. Sometimes portraying health issues in a more light-hearted way can be helpful, just look at Movember. However, using terms such as FBIs isn’t dealing with or creating awareness of an issue in a light-hearted way, it’s doing nothing more but to focus on a problem rather than a solution.

Impotence, obesity and hair loss have always been issues that have affected men. It’s nothing new. Maybe the fact that we are seeing an increase in men looking for treatment online is a good thing. Yes, ideally men should be going to their doctor to ensure that any other underlying conditions are accounted for and treated, but we aren’t getting anywhere by ostracising men for not being perfect.

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