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Looking after your gums is the key to a healthy sex life

Posted in: Men's Health 07 Dec, 2012

Research has shown that the majority of UK men feel more comfortable dealing with issues affecting their car than they are in dealing with health problems, in particular those of a sexual nature. Of the 150 million men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, it’s thought that two thirds suffer from it as a result of physical issues. These issues include conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and, as more recent studies have made apparent, even gum disease.

Gum disease and sexual health

According to the research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, men who had gum problems were three times more likely to experience problems in the bedroom and 53% of the men in the study with erectile dysfunction had inflamed gums. It’s thought that there may be a possible connection between the findings of this study and previous studies linking chronic gum disease to heart disease and other cardiovascular problems. This is mainly because any kind of inflammation in the body can increase the risk of arterial clogging.

A healthy cardiovascular & nervous system = better sexual health

A healthy cardiovascular system is of paramount importance to a healthy erection, which is why any condition that influences the way in which blood is transported through the body can make a difference to your erection. This doesn’t mean however, that any erection issue should be a cause for immediate concern.

Similar to the how a healthy vascular system is a requirement for healthy erections, a healthy nervous system is also important in getting and keeping an erection. Issues that influence nerve impulses can be a cause of both premature ejaculation and impotence. Many times emotional difficulties in a relationship, depression, anxiety and stress can influence how well nerves are able to relay messages, which is why erection problems can also be attributed to these factors.

When to get help

However, not all erection problems may require medical treatment and there are ways in which you can check whether your erection difficulties are something that you need to worry about. If any of the below tick boxes are applicable to you, then it’s worth speaking to your doctor to find the most appropriate treatment or solution for your erectile difficulties:

I don’t have an erection in the morning
I experience erection difficulties most of the time
I have an underlying health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure or depression

If you've already been diagnosed with an underlying condition and you are currently receiving treatment for it, but you are still experiencing erection problems, your doctor may be able to provide an additional treatment for erectile dysfunction.However, your persistent erection issues could aslo be an indication that your condition isn't entirely under control or the current treatment you are receiving for it could be influencing your performance in the bedroom.

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