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Salary can cause impotence

Posted in: Men's Health 15 Feb, 2013

Impotence is usually diagnosed if a man experiences difficulty getting or maintaining an erection that is sufficient enough to have sex with their partner. It’s also known as erectile dysfunction and can be the result of many different factors. These can range from physical illness to depression or anxiety. The latter are just examples of a very long list of causes that are classed as emotional - or more broadly - psychological impotence causes. Many things can cause anxiety and stress, including relationship problems and even differences a man and women’s income in a marriage, according to a recent study.

The Study

The study was conducted in Denmark, one of the world’s most advanced nations when it comes to women’s rights. It involved analysis of the medical data of more than 200 000 married couples, and showed that there was a clear link between the use of impotence medications and how much more a women earned than her husband. The results showed that women who earned even just a little more than their husbands were more inclined to use impotence medications such as Viagra. This appeared to be more prevalent in households where women didn’t earn more than their husbands at the start of their relationships, but had progressively surpassed their spouses with time.

Changing roles of men and women

The researchers believed that the results were a good indicator that the idea of a female breadwinner was still not considered a norm that many people were comfortable with, although economically there was no reason to be opposed to it. So will this mean that in the future, as women climb the corporate ladder and men start taking less of a traditional breadwinner role, there will be an increase in men needing impotence treatment? It’s possible that in many other countries, where gender roles were more traditional 20 years ago, this socioeconomic factor could be having a far bigger impact than we realise.

Dealing with the root causes

Impotence treatments have brought hope for millions of men, but taking an impotence medication doesn’t always allow us to deal with the psychological causes of erection problems. Taking Viagra, Cialis or Levitra can be a way to get over the initial difficulties of having to deal with impotence when you are a man, but more should be done to encourage dealing with the psychological factors that could be responsible. Medication can provide symptomatic relief from impotence, but they aren’t a permanent cure.

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