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What Is Chemsex?

Posted in: Sexual Health 25 Nov, 2015

Chemsex. I wonder if that'll make it into the dictionary next year? If 'emojii' can make it then this has a good shot. So what is chemsex? It's when people take mind-altering substances like... Read More

The Worst Contraception Ideas In History

Posted in: Sexual Health 25 Sep, 2015

Its World Contraception day on 26th September! Woo! We should rejoice in the knowledge that we can have sex as many times as we please and not have to worry about pregnancy. How our lives have... Read More

Are You Sure You Don’t Have An STI?

Posted in: Sexual Health 04 Feb, 2015

An STI (sexually transmitted infection) is one surprise that you don’t want to take away from a sexual encounter. STIs are most commonly passed from one person to another through unprotected... Read More

Is Porn Damaging Your Sex Life?

Posted in: Sexual Health 29 Dec, 2014

Many people enjoy watching porn, whether alone or with a partner. Usually this is a private activity that causes no harm to the viewer, however recent studies have suggested that, actually, in some... Read More

Five Solutions For Erectile Dysfunction

Posted in: Men's Health 17 Nov, 2014

The problems that arise from erectile dysfunction can be very discomforting and difficult to deal with. So here are a few tips to help you resolve the problem, ensuring your sex life will be even... Read More

Feminine hygiene – A fine Balance

Posted in: Sexual Health 22 Mar, 2013

It would appear that when it comes to vaginal health, it’s best to keep things natural, in spite of what we might think. The vagina has evolved to maintain it’s own hygiene with the help of a... Read More