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3 Underrated Tips For Quitting Smoking

Posted in: Smoking Cessation 05 Jan, 2015

If you made a New Year’s resolution to quit smoking last year but failed after the first few days, you need a new action plan for 2015. Simply telling yourself you’ll quit on a certain day isn’t going to cut it. Quitting is really difficult, but if you use the right resources and take one step at a time, you can stop. The following three tips will go a long way towards helping you.

Hang out with non-smokers

Don’t completely ditch your smoker friends, but do try and spend more time with non-smokers, especially during parties, social functions and work breaks. If you surround yourself with people who regularly smoke, the temptation and habit will never be far away, whereas as the lone smoker in a group, you will feel less inclined to slope off for a lonely figgie.

Reduce your alcohol & coffee intake

A lot of smokers enjoy a cigarette as an accompaniment to their drink of choice. This means your brain will identify a taste, such as tea or wine, and relate it to smoking, triggering the craving. Try and drink something different that doesn’t remind you of smoking. Swap coffee for tea, try water or juices instead. Some of you may find it difficult to get through the day without your regular cup, but if you’re serious about quitting, you’ll have to modify your habits.

Always have mouthwash by your side

Remember to keep a pocket-sized bottle of mouthwash with you at all times. Put one on your desk too. Whenever you get the urge to start smoking, rinse your mouth with a bit of mouthwash. Not only will it help repair the damage done to your gums and help keep your breath smelling smoke-free, but you’ll also find that cigarettes taste far worse after you’ve rinsed.

If you’re still struggling to quit using willpower alone, remember there are treatments that can help. The best known is nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), which comes in the form of a patch, gum, tablet or spray. Another option is Champix, the most successful smoking cessation treatment available, which helps to reduce cravings. Some people also use aids such as hypnosis or electronic cigarettes.

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