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New travel health medications available to make your holidays more enjoyable

Posted in: Travel Health 25 May, 2012

From the coldest May in 100 years to a heatwave sure to have us reaching for our sunscreen, lest no one say that UK weather is predictable. In a pleasantly coincidental turn of events, the queen’s diamond jubilee is looming and workers are looking forward to a four-day weekend.

At euroClinix, we are pleased to offer holidaymakers a more stress-free trip thanks to the new medications that we have recently added to our travel health category .

Travel sickness

travel sickness

According to Which? consumer magazine 34% of all of our holidays are taken to seaside locations, whether they are abroad or within the UK. Many of these trips are for short periods of time, and some people choose to drive to popular seaside destinations such as Corwall or Devon.

Motion sickness is one of the main reported causes for holiday disruptions, but anyone going on a journey is now able to purchase one of three medications at euroClinix to help avoid the unpleasant symptoms of travel sickness. Avomine, Kwells and Scopoderm are motion sickness treatments which can be used to prevent feeling nauseous, lethargic or dizzy during the journey.

Jet lag

jet lag

Australia, India and Thailand are three of the most popular destinations amongst Britons at the moment, but long-distance flights that require travelling through different time zones can cause the body to become confused, which leads to jet lag and insomnia.

At euroClinix we provide a jet lag treatment pack , which includes medication to help limit the symptoms and normalise sleeping patterns. This can be of benefit to anyone planning a long-distance journey during the summer. People who travel through different time zones on a regular basis will know that the potential pitfalls of spending the first few days of your holiday jet lagged.

By using a melatonin-based treatment such as the one available at euroClinix, you will be able to avoid feeling out of sync with your body clock, which can cause insomnia, nausea, disrupted eating patterns and fatigue. These symptoms can last for the duration of the holiday and sometimes even after returning home. A jet lag treatment pack can make your time abroad a lot more enjoyable so that you can make the most of your holidays.

Altitude sickness

altitude sickness

Although the beach beckons to many of us in this weather, there are people who prefer to take a more adventurous approach to summer. Trekking, hiking and skiing are very popular activities for people looking for an exciting adventure abroad.

Many people think that altitude sickness is a minor inconvenience that will cause nothing more serious than mildly unpleasant symptoms. However, if the condition is left untreated it can cause a number of severe health problems. It was recently reported that this year alone there have been four altitude-related deaths of people climbing Mount Everest.

There are a number of precautions that people need to take when they are going to be in areas of high altitude, as the change in atmospheric pressure makes it harder to inhale enough oxygen. Aside from looking out for the warning signs of altitude sickness , you can further ensure your safety by taking Diamox, a medication now available at euroClinix which can be used to help prevent – as well as help treat – altitude sickness.

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