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“Ban Fat People From Fast Food Chains,” Says Weight Loss Expert

Posted in: Weight Loss 24 Nov, 2014

A controversial weight loss expert has offered a drastic new strategy for fighting the obesity epidemic. Steve Miller, presenter of Sky’s “Fat Families”, says that fast food chains like KFC and McDonalds need to turn away obese customers and refuse to serve them.

When it comes to addressing weight loss issues, Miller is known to be brutally honest. With regards to this latest assertion, there’s no hiding from the fact that fast food chains have repeat customers, some of whom are very overweight.

According to Miller, those who eat too much junk food on a regular basis are putting their lives at risk. As a result, he’s lobbying fast food chains to empower their employees to refuse to serve overweight customers. Government health education tends to achieve very little in tackling obesity, Miller adds.

You might agree that it does make sense to introduce radical ideas and encourage people to take care of their own weight problems. As Miller states, he does not want to shame obese people but he would like them to take more responsibility for their eating habits.

Being a trained hypnotherapist, Miller has also entertained the idea of employees using hypnotic language to help obese customers select healthier alternatives. His suggestions could offend or shock people into losing weight. However, saying no to junk food or being turned away might also motivate them to lose weight. Could his idea work?

For those who think he’s just having a rant, Miller is actually very serious about the issue. He wrote to the chief executive officer of McDonalds, Jill McDonald, offering his assistance in enforcing this “fat ban.” He hopes McDonalds will become one of the first fast food stores to implement his controversial new strategies.

Does Miller have a point? Are we currently taking too soft an approach towards tackling obesity in this country? If his system were to be adopted, Miller suggests doing it in such a way that fast food restaurants get issued with improvement notices if they fail to follow the procedure of turning customers away. If notices are continually ignored, the restaurant will incur penalty charges.

Miller wants is to help overweight people take the steps they need to choose healthier lifestyle options. Other than offering healthier alternatives at fast food chains, what else could they do? If you have a better idea, let us know in the comments section below.

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