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4 Snacks That Help You Burn Fat

Posted in: Weight Loss 13 Jan, 2015

Is it possible to eat snacks and still lose weight? The answer is definitely yes, if you choose wisely and select foods that satiate you, make you feel fuller for longer and ultimately, aid in the weight loss process. Below are some of the best foods to help you shed the pounds.

Licorice: This sweet flavoured plant is the root of Glycyrrhiza glabra, a legume commonly found in southern Europe, India and Asia. Research suggests that licorice can help reduce body fat. Glycyrrhiza is thought to have some positive side effects such as maintaining stomach acid levels and increasing the metabolism. A study published in July 2003 in an issue of The Journal of Endocrinological Investigation looked at the effects of licorice on 15 participants of a normal weight. The individuals consumed 3.5g of licorice a day for two months and it was noted that, although their body mass index didn’t change, their body fat percentage did decrease.

Apples: This simple fruit is high in fibre and also low in calories. Along with being rich in vitamins and minerals, apples contain pectin which when consumed, can make you feel fuller for longer. It does this by absorbing water and forming a viscous mass. This travels through the stomach, sending signals to the brain that the stomach is full, triggering the release of hormones that promote a sense of satiety. If you want to feel fuller for longer, try eating an apple around one hour before going to sleep.

Watermelon: As the name suggests, this sweet fruit is mostly made of water, super hydrating for the skin. It is also helpful in reducing bloating and fluid retention within the body. Watermelon is low calorie and low fat, with each wedge containing 86 calories and less than a gram of fat. Eating watermelon is a good way to get a flat stomach and as it’s high in fibre, it will help you to feel fuller for longer. If you’re hungry and want to lose weight, try eating watermelon as it will slow digestion and promote satiety. Watermelon is also rich in nutrients and amino acids, meaning it can support the body’s metabolism.

Edamame beans: These green soybeans are high in fibre and essential nutrients, meaning they are great to snack on instead of crisps, chocolates and sweets. Edamame beans provide around 8 grams of protein for each half cup, which means they help you to reduce your overall calorie intake because they keep you feeling full. Eating edamame beans as part of a low calorie diet can aid in weight loss and they taste great when served with raw vegetables and a healthy dip of your choice such as chilli sauce or low fat hummus. Simply season the soybeans with a little salt and they’re good to eat whenever you want a healthy snack to nibble on – without any added fat or unwanted calories.

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