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A new hope for Xenical patients

Posted in: Weight Loss 30 Aug, 2012

For those of you who have previously relied on the prescription treatment Xenical to help you lose weight, you would have been fully aware of the stock shortage issues that have been experienced worldwide. Constant speculation online about potentially damaged stock, negative side effects and worries that the medication may never return, did little to diffuse the situation. It is worth noting that there has been no evidence to suggest that there is any truth to these rumours.

Furthermore, there is always a possibility that Xenical could return in the future. However, it is no surprise that the pharmaceutical company Roche, the company behind this prescription weight loss treatment Xenical, has had such a troublesome year.

Second chance

But where there’s a will there’s a way. And euroClinix is happy to let our customers know that a generic version of Xenical, known as Orlistat will be available to order by the beginning of September. Orlistat, as well as being the active ingredient in Xenical, effectively functions in the same way, by working in the digestive system and working as a fat blocker.

Recommended to take with every meal, the Orlistat in Xenical works by attaching to the enzymes lipases that break down the fat in your digestive system so that it can essentially be absorbed into your body. It therefore, acts as a preventative, stopping the lipases from doing such an act.

The fat subsequently passes through your system and is ejected through regular bowel movements. As a result 30% of the fat you consume, is stopped, and prevented from being digested.

Although Xenical has proved to be an effective treatment in aiding fat loss, it should be taken as part of a healthy lifestyles which should include both exercise and healthy eating. Further details on the working of Xenical are available on euroClinix online treatment page


When will Orlistat be available?

Orlistat-the generic version of Xenical, unlike other drugs such as Viagra or Cialis and is legal to manufacture. Thus within regulations, manufactures are producing it, providing euroClinicx the chance to provide our patients with this much needed treatment.  Should you have any queries or questions regarding both Xenical and Orlistat, please feel free to contact our patient support team for discreet patient support.

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