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New & Exciting Ways To Deal With Your Period

Posted in: Women's Health 23 Nov, 2015

How do you manage your period? With Kit Kats, crying and a sex desert that challenges the Gobi for vastness and dryness?

Well we're going through a literal period of change right now.

Tampons and sanitary pads used to be the only way to cope with your period, but women have more choices now. Some believe that putting a foreign object (meaning a tampon, not Sven or Nikkos) in your vagina for a week each month just fills you with chemicals, bleach and pesticides, not to mention the risk of toxic shock syndrome (however slight).

And sanitary towels, well, let's be honest, they can be horrid. Some pads leak no matter what the Air Force One 'wings' claim, they fall off sideways when you sleep, destroy the environment and make a sticky mess unless you wax.

So what else is there, if you don't fancy free-bleeding outside the Houses Of Parliament to protest against the tampon tax?

Menstrual cups

Example - Mooncup

In essence these cups are rubber cones that are placed inside the vagina to collect the blood. It's then tipped out and washed clean.

Some women swear by them because they are washable, reusable, soft, foldable for your handbag and come in actually quite pretty pastel shades.

Reusable pads

Example - Precious Stars

We're not supposed to flush sanitary towels down the toilet but many do. It's not much fun putting soiled pads in the bathroom bin no matter how you wrap them up, that's why reusable pads are climbing in popularity.

Ok - so you still deal with the mess, but if your concern is the environment, then reusable pads are the way forward. Reusable nappies are popular because of the environment benefits and cash they save. The principle applies to sanitary towels too.


Example - Luxury Moon

A 'new' old idea. Sponges have been used for centuries to soak up menstrual blood, but sponges have evolved. Not like Alien, but so they are more absorbent.

Leak-proof knickers

Example - Thinx

Some manufactures claim their knickers can hold two tampons worth of flow. Plus they are a useful back-up on those days when even your supersized 'heavier than the coffin of a fat man turned to stone' tampon isn't up to the job.

Women have tested these out and put their opinions on social media. Seems they are pretty good. They won't win any sexy awards, but no spillages or stained sheets make it worth it.

Period subscription box

Example - MyLadyBug

How often do you get your period unexpectedly - or even expectedly - only to find you've completely forgotten to replenish your sanitary supply? Cue panicked lunch break dash to the Tesco Metro.

Subscription boxes, such as these ones from MyLadyBug, aim to sort you out every month and make getting your period more bearable. You can choose which tampons and pads you get in the box, and they even throw in a few chocolate and teabag treats to help you through the worst of it!

The pill and period delay treatments

Example - Norethisterone

For those of you fed up to the forehead with periods, there is the option of using the pill, mini-pill or a period delay treatment.

Period delay treatments are useful if you have a big holiday or a tiny dress-wearing occasion ahead. These treatments prevents the womb from shedding its lining. You need to take it a few days in advance, but it'll delay your period for the time you continue to take it.

So why not try some different methods of dealing with your period? There's not much to lose in grabbing a menstrual cup (which are pretty cheap) and giving it a go. The environment will thank you. And if you have a big event in the future that your period is itching to ruin, why not try out some of these options?

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