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Eli Lilly Logo Eli Lilly is a well-known name in the pharmaceutical industry with a history of pharmaceutical innovation and development in healthcare. It's most renowned for introducing Cialis, an impotence treatment, to the general public and also its development, manufacturing and distribution of psychiatric medications.


Eli Lilly and Company is an US-based international pharmaceutical company that was started by Eli Lilly, a pharmacist, in 1876. It originally started developed a gelatine coating for pills and capsules to make them easier to take. At first Eli Lilly was the company's only researcher, but in 1886 the company hired their first research scientist and also created a department solely dedicated to research and development.

As the business grew, Lilly was able to expand into other areas other than sugar coated pills and it was one of the first companies to mass produce insulin in 1923, which attracted more distinguished scientists to the company's research and development team.

In 1934 it made its first move overseas and opened up its first overseas office in London and produced penicillin, blood plasma and Merthiolate during the Second World War, in fact it was one of the first companies to mass produce penicillin. In the 1950s Lilly started expanding into veterinary sciences and started building more international research and manufacturing plants. In 1971 it purchased Elizabeth Arden, which it later sold for a large profit to Faberge.

The 1970s saw a massive increase of drug production by Lilly and even a venture into medical instruments through the acquisition of IVAC Corp. In 1998 Lilly entered into a joint venture with the ICOS Corporation, which at that point in time was in the process of producing Cialis, which Lilly then introduced to the general public.

During its early days, Lilly was one of the first companies to actually require people to be recommended a treatment by their doctor before they were allowed to take it, due to the potential risk of addiction and side effects of certain medications. It's also a registered member of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations and has a company culture of philanthropy and counterfeiting awareness.

There is more information about Lilly and their history at the company website.


One of Lilly's most popular treatments is Cialis, an impotence medication that can help alleviate the symptoms of impotence for up to 36 hours. However, more recently the development of Cialis Once Daily can allow men to enjoy sex move often with the help of a convenient daily treatment. It is currently one of the world's largest manufacturers of psychiatric treatments. It also produces treatments for diabetes and cardiovascular problems and also manufactures medications for endocrinology and oncological purposes.


The next few years will see Eli Lilly and Company continuously expanding its product range in the fields of cardiovascular, oncology, critical care, neuroscience, men's health and musculoskeletal and diabetes care.

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