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Generic Impotence Medication

Brief history of Viagra

Viagra timeline from 1996 to 2012

Viagra (containing the active ingredient sildenafil), is patented by Pfizer.

Pfizer launches Viagra and helps millions of men overcome impotence.

US patent on Viagra extended until 2020.

UK patent on Viagra expires.

What is generic impotence medication?

In this context, 'generic' is a term used to categorise impotence medications, using the active ingredient sildenafil citrate, that are distributed and produced under different names. Before the UK patent expired in June 2013, companies were illegally manufacturing generic versions of popular impotence medications, which were often not clinically tested and did not reach the standards set by UK regulatory bodies. However, now that the UK patent has expired, the production of generic versions of impotence medication is legal. They contain the same ingredient, sildenafil and conform to the strict regulations in the UK. Generic impotence medication is available under various names including White Diamond, Happigra and, simply, Sildenafil.

How do you know your Viagra is genuine?

box of genuine Pfizer Viagra tablets

If you buy Pfizer's Viagra online, it should arrive in a box with the Pfizer logo and the dosage (100mg, 50mg or 25mg) printed on the box.

Viagra is produced in the form of a small diamond shaped tablet. They are white on the inside, with a blue coating. However, some impotence medication manufacturers maintain the same appearance, so there are other things to look out for. On one side of the tablet you will find an imprint of Pfizer's logo and on the other side the letters 'VGR' should be printed followed by the dosage.

Is generic impotence medication safe?

Any prescription medication is rigorously tested before it is made available to the public. Now that the UK patent has expired, manufacturers of generic impotence medication will have to adhere to the standard rules and regulations of producing prescription medications. These companies will submit their generic impotence medication alternative to the relevant medical bodies for approval. Considering this, there should be no reason to doubt the safety of generic impotence medication, providing that it is purchased from a trusted and reputable website or healthcare provider.

The main concern is companies that do not require a prescription or medical consultation before you buy a medication. Without these components, you cannot be sure that the medication you are buying will be effective and safe for you to use. In addition, impotence can be a early sign of certain health conditions which could be aggravated by such medication. You should always buy medication from a reputable and trusted company.

Which one should I choose?

If you buy from a legitimate website, there shouldn't be any difference between branded and generic impotence medication. Both versions will have been put through a number of safety tests and both are available with the same dosage of sildenafil. The only main difference is the pricing of each medication. Typically, generic sildenafil will be cheaper than the branded version, so if you want a cheaper alternative, opt for this version. However, some people feel more comfortable with brand names such as Viagra, especially because impotence is such a personal subject.

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