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Anugesic HC

Buy Anugesic HC 30g haemorrhoids cream

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What are the benefits?

Haemorrhoids are small lumps that occur on or inside the anus, and are the result of varicose veins that communally develop due to constipation. Common haemorrhoid symptoms include itching, irritation, swelling and soreness. Anugesic-HC cream helps to relieve the discomfort and pain caused by piles, alleviating the symptoms of both external and internal haemorrhoids.

What does Anugesic-HC contain?

You can buy Anugesic-HC cream online from euroClinix, it contains benzyl benzoazte (1.2%), bismuth oxide (0.875%), hydrocortisone acetate (0.5%), Peru balsam (1.85%), pramocaine hydrochloride (1%), zinc oxide and (12.35%).

How does it work?

Anugesic-HC cream contains a number of ingredients, which work together to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of haemorrhoids. Hydrocortisone acetate works as a steroid to alleviate inflammation and swelling caused by the piles. Pramocaine hydrochloride is a local anaesthetic, which works to numb the affected area while relieving any itching and irritation caused by the piles. The additional ingredients in this medicine are mild and contain antiseptic properties, which work by soothing and reducing irritation. Peru balsam also works as a protective and healing agent, helping to promote the growth of skin cells.

What this medicine contains

When you buy Anugesic-HC online from euroClinix, it is available in tubes containing 30g of cream. For each tube of cream, the following active ingredients are present: Pramocaine hydrochloride, Hydrocortisone acetate, Zinc oxide, Balsam peru, Benzyl benzoate, Bismuth oxide.

This medicine also contains the following inactive ingredients: liquid paraffin, propylene glycol, (E1520), polysorbate 60, sorbitan stearate, glyceryl monostearate, titanium dioxide (E171), the preservatives methyl parahydroxybenzoate (E218) and propyl parahydroxybenzoate (E216) and purified water.

Who cannot use this medication?

This medication is not suitable for you if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. If you are suffering from infections such as the herpes simplex virus or another viral or fungal infection that causes skin sores, then you should not use this medication. If you are pregnant, thinking about becoming pregnant or breastfeeding then this medication is not suitable. Anugesic-HC cream is not suitable for children.

How do I use this medication?

Before and after using this medication it is essential that you wash your hands. The affected area should be washed thoroughly and dried before treatment is applied. For external or internal use, Anugesic-HC cream should be applied to the affected area every morning and evening and also after each bowel movement.

When using Anugesic-HC, do not continue the course of treatment for longer than seven days.

What are the side effects?

As with most medications, there may be some side effects, however not every person using this medication will experience them. Side effects with this medication include skin sensitivity, skin irritation, a temporary burning sensation and allergic reactions.

Reacting medicines

There are medicines that can have positive impacts on Anugesic-HC, in terms of its effectiveness and efficiency.

If you are planning to or have taken complementary medication and vitamins, it is advised that you first consult your prescriber or doctor to find out whether there are any known interactions with this medicine.

Your doctor can advise whether the combination of the medicine you’re taking will have a positive impact or be detrimental to your health.

If experience any negative reactions when combining this medicine with others, it is advised that you contact your doctor immediately.

Can I buy Anugestic-HC online?

You can buy Anugesic-HC online at euroClinix after you have completed a free online consultation, which will be reviewed by one of our doctors. Once it has been determined that the medication is suitable, a prescription will be issued and sent to our registered pharmacy. Treatment will then be discreetly and securely sent via overnight delivery.

Treatment Information
Treatment Information
Product Name: Anugesic HC
Active Ingredient(s): benzyl benzoate, bismuth oxide, bismuth subgallate, hydrocortisone acetate, peru balsam, pramocaine hydrochloride and zinc oxide
Manufacturer: Pfizer
Description: Anugesic HC is an effective treatment for haemorrhoids that works to reduce the uncomfortable symptoms of the condition
Exemption: Subject to medical prescription
Administration: Topical
Presentation: Tube
Available Dosage: 30g
Application: Men and women over 18 with haemorrhoids
Posology: Apply twice a day after bowel movements
Drug class: Local anaesthetics and steroids
Alcohol consumption: No influence
When breastfeeding: Caution is recommended, ask your doctor
When pregnant: Caution is recommended, ask your doctor
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