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Atorvastatin Side Effects

Atorvastatin, also known as Lipitor, is a widely used statin that is used to control high cholesterol. For most people, statins like Atorvastatin don't cause side effects and most of the more serious side effects are extremely rare.

Below is an outline of the different side effects and the likelihood of them occurring. Just because a side effect is listed, it doesn't mean that it will happen or affect everyone to the same extent.


Headaches are a fairly common side effect of this medication, though they are usually only temporary and very mild. Dizziness and sleep disturbances are less common but there is a chance they could occur.


Stomach pain accompanied by nausea, constipation and/or diarrhoea may occur. Vomiting and pancreatitis is much less common.


Skin reactions are considered to be uncommon but there is a possibility that a rash, hives or itching could occur as a result of this medication.


A fairly common reaction to Atorvastatin is muscle fatigue or joint problems.

Atorvastatin side effects

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Common side effects

Allergic reactions are some of the most common side effects caused by this medication and it's therefore important that you only take this medication if it is suitable for you to take. While allergic reactions can be serious, some of the other most common Atorvastatin side effects shouldn't be cause for major concern, but nonetheless, it's important to report anything that is bothering you or causing you significant discomfort to a doctor.

Side effect Common Uncommon side effects Rare side effects Very rare side effects
Sinus inflammation
Allergic reactions
Changes in blood sugar levels
Stomach pain, nausea, constipation and diarrhoea
Muscle and joint problems
Changes in liver function
Anorexia (loss of appetite)
Nightmares, insomnia and other sleep disturbances
Changes in touch such as a tingling or burning sensation and/or dizziness
Blurred vision
Tinnitus (ringing in ears)
Vomiting, abdominal pain and/or pancreatitis
Skin rash, hives, itching and/or hair loss
Muscle fatigue
Fatigue and generally feeling unwell
Urine tests that are positive for white blood cells
Visual disturbance
Tendon injury
An allergic reaction
Loss of hearing
Breast enlargement

Uncommon side effects

Effects like anorexia, nightmares, blurred vision, vomiting or hepatitis are all rare and only affect one to ten users out of every 1000. Not all the side effects are serious, but some of them are and if you experience them you should stop taking your treatment immediately and seek medical help.

Rare or very rare side effects

Some these side effects have the potential to be serious and should be reported to a medical professional immediately.

Reduce cholesterol with Atorvastatin

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Dr. Mahesh Chhaya MBBS Written by our editorial team
Last reviewed 12-01-2022
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