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Quit Smoking Success Stories

Real life quit smoking success stories. Read other people's quit smoking problems and successes, add your own comments and experiences and quit smoking today with Champix and euroClinix. Whether quitting smoking with Champix has been successful for you or not, we would love to hear from you and would like to offer a 10% discount on your next purchase as a thank you for sharing your story with us.


I used nicotine patches and Champix to help cope and I can proudly say that I've been smoke free for over six months now.

I started smoking when I was 18. Most of my friends had smoked before then but I always managed to avoid mostly because I'd been involved in a lot of sport. Running, swimming and squash mostly. When I got to university, I thought I'd give it a try and well 10 years later I still regret starting.

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It had been so many years since I'd been smoke free, I'd forgotten how good you can feel!

Giving up smoking has been one of the hardest things I've had to do, not just because it's such an addictive habit, but because most of us smokers rely so much on it to help us cope with everyday stresses. To me smoking was a crutch, a reason to go for a break at work or a way to regroup if I've had a particularly rough day. Therefore it was never a good time for me to quit, especially when I was busy juggling work and my personal life, which involved me looking after and providing for my children on my own. But my two gorgeous daughters was eventually the reason I decided to bite the bullet and quit, and I haven't looked back since!

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Stick with it and remember that it will be a huge health improvement.

Had a health scare after smoking for about 5 years. Started the usual way, friend started and I tagged along. Went to the doctor for a check-up and she said my circulation was extremely bad and getting worse, which explained why my feet and hands always got so cold. Didn't even realise smoking did that kind of damage!

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We avoided going out to areas where we knew our friends would be smoking, cut down on our alcohol consumption and ate a lot of chewing gum!

I started smoking when I was just 16 years old, and just recently decided to quit – at nearly 30 years old! My partner and I both smoke, so it was always difficult for us to cut down or even quit outright. Anyway, we both eventually decided that enough was enough, and took the plunge to quit cold turkey as I figured it was the only way to go. I didn't really believe in prescription medications, or even over-the-counter patches and etc that still put nicotine into your system – it was all or nothing for me.

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Smoking nearly killed my dad and I'm glad to be rid of it.

My parents both smoked and so I was accustomed to it when I started at 16. Didn't really worry about the health impact until my dad got really sick about two years ago. He'd developed lung cancer but fortunately his doctor picked it up early.

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It's been three months since I've stopped treatment, I am still going strong and I'm feeling better than I've done in years

I used to be one of those smokers who'd make a resolution every weekend that I'd quit on Monday, but when push came to shove, never managed to do it. Until I had a shock when I doctor told me that my weight in combination with my smoking habit was eventually going to cause serious damage, especially since cholesterol ran in my family.

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I quit smoking simply by cutting down slowly. It's now been almost 3 years since my last cigarette!

When I was diagnosed with diabetes five years ago I thought my life was over. I had been smoking for over 20 years and had no inclination to quit, I was happy with my life and my smoking. My doctor told me if I didn't quit smoking I was putting myself at serious risk of a heart attack or stroke – not even just putting myself at risk, I would most likely have one!

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