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How Safe Is Your Sex Life?

The sexual choices you make could be placing you at risk of more than just unwanted pregnancy, but also sexually transmitted infections. Find out whether you are placing you and your partner at risk with the sexual choices you are making, by completing the below interactive questionnaire.


Are you male or female?

Are you currently…

If you aren't sure that your partner doesn't have a STI, do you use a barrier protection such as a condom?

Do you know how STIs are transmitted? Is it through…

Do you use a barrier contraceptive when you have oral sex with a new partner?

If you experience unusual itching, discharge or soreness from the genitals what would you do?

When do you put on a condom?

What do you use for extra lubrication?

What would you do if a condom split during sex?

What's the best method of contraception to protect against sexually transmitted infection?

Do STIs always show symptoms?

Important facts about STIs

  • Sexually transmitted infections can spread through anal, oral and vaginal sex
  • You should always go for a test if you experience any STI symptoms, even if they have gone away
  • Not everybody develops symptoms
  • Never use oil-based lubricants with latex condoms
  • Only condoms can protect against STIs
  • Always use a condom before any form of sexual contact
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