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How Can I Treat a Low Libido?

Before being able to treat a low libido, or any other symptom of FSD, it is important to diagnose the root cause of the problem. Psychological and physical causes of FSD require different treatments, and a misdiagnosis could result in pointless low libido treatment.

The best thing is to discuss the problem with a doctor or nurse, or even a sexual therapist or counsellor. While it might seem embarrassing initially, you must remember that it is their job to help you and you won't have been the first person to discuss this problem with them. Once you have recognised the cause of your low libido, you can go about getting the right treatment. Here are a few forms of treatments.

Medical treatments

  • Hormone replacement - Women suffering from a low libido due to a decreased production of the hormones testosterone and oestrogen can undergo hormone replacement treatment. A female's libido can be boosted with hormone replacement, which is a non-invasive, simple and effective form of low libido treatment.

  • Adjusting or changing meds - As mentioned when discussing the psychological causes of FSD , some antidepressants can actually cause a chemical imbalance that lowers the female libido. Antidepressants are not the only meds that can alter a women's sexual libido; if you feel that you are struggling with a low libido and you are currently taking medications for a pre-existing condition or disease, you should talk to your doctor about your medications. If they are causing you to experience female sexual dysfunction, then your doctor can change them or adjust the dosage.

  • Treating conditions - Sometimes when searching for the source of FSD, women uncover underlying medical conditions they did not know they were suffering from. Thyroid and hormonal problems often crop up in these cases. By treating these conditions women can experience sexual freedom again.

Non medical treatments

  • Communication - If you are suffering from a low libido and it is affecting you and your partner's sex life, then it is important to trust them and talk to them about it. It might be something they are or aren't doing, or potentially something they can help with. If you discuss why you are feeling tired, anxious or have a low libido, they may understand better and be able to help you.

  • Healthy lifestyle - A healthy lifestyle is the solution to many medical problems. By living a balanced lifestyle your body and mind will be under a lot less pressure, and will give you the space, energy and time to enjoy sex. There is no reason why you cannot enjoy drinking, smoking, etc, but if done in moderation, you will be more balanced and in control.

  • Counselling - Counselling is a direct and effective way of finding the source of your low libido, and talking about a treatment. Whether you do couples therapy, visit an actual sex therapist or simply go alone and figure out why you are holding back, or what psychological reasons could be the cause of your FSD, it will be massively beneficial to an increased female libido.
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