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Lorcaserin is a prescription weight loss medication that is manufactured by Arena Pharmaceuticals. It helps people who are obese or overweight to safely and effectively lose weight permanently. It has recently been approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the US as the first prescription weight loss medication since Xenical was approved in 1999.

Lorcaserin is marketed under the brand name Belviq and has been clinically proven to help obese users, on average, lose 5% of their body weight. Lorcaserin works by helping the brain to control your appetite. The effects of lorcaserin can become apparent after just 12 weeks of use, after which a dosage of 10mg or 20mg per day can result in up to 4lb to 7.9lb weight loss. The pill is supposed to be more selective than previous diet treatments, as it only targets a single receptor in the brain.

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Who can take it?

Lorcaserin is intended to be used by clinically obese people who are hoping to lose weight. This means that people who have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more would be recommended for this treatment. Some people with a BMI of over 27 will also be able to take the medication if they are at risk of suffering from weight-related conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes.

If you know your exact height and weight you can calculate your BMI here. Your BMI is calculated as indicated in the following chart.

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How does it work?

The treatment comes in the form of an orally consumed pill that, once digested, gets absorbed into a user's system and heads towards the brain.

Lorcaserin works on the brain's serotonin receptor, which, when stimulated, affects appetite and a feeling of fullness. The treatment is essentially an appetite suppressant that adjusts certain chemicals in your brain in order to control hunger.

Effects of Lorcaserin on brain and food
Belviq (lorcaserin) is ingested and acts on the brain. The 5HT-2C receptors are activated causing more proopiomelanocortin to be produced. This causes a feeling of satiety, meaning that less food is needed to feel full.

What are the benefits?

The manufacturer claims that lorcaserin has benefits that other weight loss treatments don't offer. The treatment can help to reduce heart rate and blood pressure and will only have to be taken once or twice a day. The pill is reported to have no side effects on a user's heart valves or pulmonary artery vasculature unlike other weight loss pills.

Can I buy it online?

Belviq, the medication that contains the active ingredient lorcaserin, is not currently available to buy in the UK, as it has only been licensed in the US. It is expected to be approved for sale in other European countries in 2013. If you are currently looking to buy prescription weight loss medication, Xenical (orlistat) is available to buy online at euroClinix after filling in a free online consultation so that one of our doctors can ensure that the medication will be safe and effective for you to take.

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