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Weight Loss Pills

If you are obese and are finding it difficult to lose weight with just diet and exercise, then you are not alone. Roughly nine out of ten people find that just changing their diet and exercising more doesn't give them the results they are looking for. This does not mean that it's not important to eat healthily and to do exercise, but sometimes adding something to boost your efforts can make a big difference.

One of the most popular ways to aid weight loss is the use of prescription diet pills. However, these are normally only prescribed to people with a BMI of over 30 who have tried to lose weight the traditional way without success and are at risk of developing serious health complications.

Doctor's prescription + Slimming pills = Slim waist

Types of weight loss pills

There are very few diet pills available that are proven to work. This is because prescription treatments need to go through extensive testing before they are allowed to be prescribed to patients. There are two types of prescription slimming pills, those that influence brain chemistry to make you think you are fuller and reduce your need for emotional eating, and those that work in the stomach and have an influence on how fat is digested or absorbed.

Xenical: Xenical contains the active ingredient orlistat, and prevents up to 30% of the fat you consume during meals from being absorbed. Orlistat binds to the enzymes responsible for breaking down fat, so some of the fat you eat is not digested. Xenical performed very well in clinical trials and is the only prescription weight loss treatment available to purchase. Patients taking Xenical slimming pills during clinical trials lost twice as much weight as those who were just eating healthily and exercising.

Xenical 120mg

Reductil: This treatment has been removed from the market due to concern for patients with heart conditions. Reductil influenced neurotransmitters in the brain and enhances the feelings of fulfilment when eating, which means that people who took the medication felt fuller after eating less food than usual.


Phentermine: Phentermine is no longer available to purchase. This medication worked on the hypothalamus of the brain to suppress appetite, so that patients didn't have the same desire to eat.

Phentermine package

Contrave: Contrave has not yet been approved for sale in the EU. These slimming pills don't work in the stomach, but on the hypothalamus in the brain. It uses a combination of two weight loss elements, bupropion and naltrexone. These elements influence the hypothalamus to help reduce appetite and to burn fat more effectively.


Qnexa: Qnexa is not yet available for purchase in the EU. This treatment contains phentermine and topiramate and mainly works to suppress appetite.


Weight loss pills online

Xenical is currently the only approved prescription weight loss pill that can be ordered online. This is possible based on an online consultation with a registered doctor, who will assess your health, weight and overall suitability for this treatment. If you are able to use it, the doctor will issue a prescription and your diet pills will be shipped from our registered pharmacy via overnight courier.

It is important that weight loss medication is used responsibly, strictly following the advice received from the prescribing doctor. If taken incorrectly, Xenical can cause unpleasant side effects. Please also note that a strict diet and exercise should always be the first step on the way to a healthier weight.

Medically reviewed by
Dr. Sarah Donald MRCGP DFSRH DPD DRCOG Written by our editorial team
Last reviewed 28-09-2023
Weight Loss

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