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Weight Loss Success Stories

Lose weight today with euroClinix and Xenical, the only genuine prescription medication available to combat obesity. Read real people's weight loss success stories - and add your own - whether you used Xenical to help you lose weight or found another method that you found was more successful.

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My weight was causing damage to my body and depriving my children of a healthy active mother.

I've been overweight since I've been a teenager and although there were points in my life where I actually managed to reach a weight I was happy with, I could never maintain it. As soon as I stopped starving myself or started eating foods that I enjoyed, the pounds just started piling back on.

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I really needed to do something about my love of savoury snacks and my desk-bound, inactive existence.

I've never been super skinny, but when I reached my 30s my love of fast foods, savoury snacks and huge portions I used to enjoy finally caught up with me. My weight gain was quite drastic, but snuck up on me. I didn't mind being a bit overweight, but when it started making me feel tired all the time and the doctor started warning me about my blood pressure and cholesterol, I really needed to get myself into gear and do something.

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I lost weight using a combination of exercise, orlistat and a good balanced diet.

I started off at 16st 2lb and now I weigh almost 6 stone less and feel so much better for it. I've done many crazy diets in the past and I've never actually managed to stick to them as they were always from one extreme to the other and not easy to implement practically, especially if you've not been eating the right things for a very long time.

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My doctor informed me that I really needed to lose weight soon, particularly since my family has a history of cancer, heart disease and cholesterol!

I used to be really scrawny until I reached 19, when it seemed like my metabolism stopped completely and I just started putting on weight. In reality, it probably didn't have anything to do with my metabolism, but more with all the kebabs and late nights out drinking beer and then finally moving in with my girlfriend didn't help either!

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I was worried about the way it worked, because I didn't have the same benefits of an appetite suppressant as I would have with Reductil.

I've always struggled with my weight and I've been on all kinds of weight loss treatments, including Reductil and Xenical as well as some of the herbal tea and drops that you get. The first time I had to lose weight, I used Reductil, which worked really well, and it was like I discovered my internal 'stop' button when it came to eating. I managed to lose a substantial amount of weight on it, which I managed to keep off for a good few years.

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I decided to set myself a goal of 6 months to lose the weight and go to go to the gym more often and actually prepare meals for myself.

It's crazy to think that I was as overweight as I was when I look back at pictures of myself. It's amazing to be able to buy all the lovely clothes I want to now that I am a small 10st 4lbs, compared to the 19st 9lbs I used to be!

Truth is I never used to care about my weight too much, I am quite social so I go out a lot and I especially like drinking wine, I also think that my diet as a singleton, which consisted of takeaways and ready meals, played a big part in me piling on the pounds in my twenties.

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When it comes to weight loss, I think it's important to be patient and to get into a good routine.

Until five years ago I'd never been overweight. I've always been sporty and active, meaning that I ate what I wanted without really having to worry about it. However, five years ago, my life completely changed when I split up with my long term partner and I had to cope with the loss of my mother.

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