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euroClinix Category Update

Posted in: euroClinix News 13 Feb, 2012

New categories and products have been added to euroClinix.co.uk, as the team endeavor to continue providing important and up-to-date information, in order to establish their dedication to providing quality healthcare online. As the need for more convenient treatments and services increases as a consequence of busy, modern lifestyles, the availability and variety of medications is essential in providing that which is suitable for you.

The euroClinix team hope that the updates and medical services provided are of benefit to your individual needs, and that you continue to visit and enjoy the site.

New Categories and Products

Hair Removal

The growth of excess body hair (or hirsutism) is a condition which can prove discomforting for women who are affected. Dependent on the level of severity and extent to which usual methods of hair removal are ineffective, prescription creams – which are relatively new treatments- are available to successfully remove unwanted hair for women who so require it. Such prescription medication is generally becoming more available and proving popular as a more cost-effective method of dealing with excessive hair growth.

VaniqaVaniqa is a hair removal cream available by prescription and is targeted at removing female facial hair. Thinly applied to the affected area, it can be successful in reducing the visibility of unwanted hair in up to six weeks after first using it. Having been clinically tested for its effectiveness, Vaniqa is now available to buy at euroClinix.co.uk.


Thrush (or vaginal thrush) is a yeast infection, which can cause considerable discomfort if it is not treated quickly and efficiently. Caused by a fungus found in the vagina, symptoms may not be noticeable at first, but can become painful when natural bacteria is no longer able to fight infection. Though infection can be spread via sexual intercourse, it is not identified as an STI. An estimated 75% of women will experience thrush at some point in their lives.

euroClinix now offer two effective methods of treatment for the symptoms of vaginal thrush:

DiflucanDiflucan, which contains main ingredient fluconazole, is a popular antifungal, antibiotic medication which can be used to treat vaginal thrush. As only one dose is required, it is easy to use and recovery time (often within 24 hours) and any discomfort which may be triggered by the infection can be reduced. This particular treatment is advised if you are suffering from thrush for the first time.

Gyno-DaktarinGyno-Daktarin is a vaginal thrush treatment which comes in the form of an antifungal cream. Miconazole nitrate, which is the active ingredient, balances out the fungus which is the cause of the infection. It is typically used by women who have had reoccurring bouts of thrush.


Cystitis is an infection which affects the bladder and is commonly experienced by most women. There are a number of causes of cystitis, the most frequent of which is intestinal bacteria. It is usually of low severity and symptoms can be treated by everyday painkillers but, in severe cases, stronger treatment such as antibiotics can be prescribed. Women who are more susceptible to the infection include those who are sexually active, pregnant or of a menopausal age.

TrimethoprimTrimethoprim is an oral, antibiotic treatment for the relief of the effects of cystitis. In order for it to be effective, this course of mediation (which comes in tablet form) must be taken until completed, or as advised. Trimethoprim can be used as a long-term preventative measure for those who experience persistent symptoms, in addition to being used as and when it is needed. Improvements to the condition can be expected within 24 hours of taking it.

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