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  • A pack of Kwells® 300mcg hyoscine hydrobromide 12 tablets
  • A pack of Kwells® 300mcg hyoscine hydrobromide 12 tablets with a blister strip
  • Blister pack of Kwells® 300mcg hyoscine hydrobromide
  • A pack of Kwells® 300mcg hyoscine hydrobromide 12 tablets with a patient leaflet
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What is Kwells?

Kwells is an effective tablet travel sickness treatment that is available to buy online at euroClinix. It contains the active ingredient hyoscine hydrobromide which stops confusion in the brain when you travel. In stopping the confusion people that usually have travel sickness symptoms are able to travel by car, boat, plain or train without feeling nauseous, dizzy or sick. Kwells works best as a preventative treatment taken before you leave, but it can also be used to alleviate symptoms when they begin. The effects of Kwells travel sickness treatment works for up to 6 hours, after which another will need to be taken for continued relief.

Travel sickness is caused by the brain receiving conflicting information about what the body sense is happening and what the eyes see happening.

The vestibular system is located in the ear and is made up of three canals that are filled with fluids. The purpose of the vestibular system is to detect changes in the bodies' position. Motion sickness occurs when the eyes sends signals to the brain, telling the brain that the body is stationary, while the vestibular system sends signals to the brain, telling the brain that the body is in motion.

What are the benefits?

Anyone who suffers from or is worried about suffering from travel sickness symptoms can benefit from using a medication such as Kwells, which will allow you to enjoy your journey without worrying about feelings of sickness. Kwells has the added advantage of being a pill, which dissolves in the mouth and therefore reaches the blood stream quicker so you can take it just 30 minutes before your journey as opposed to other medications, which need to be taken the previous night.

How does Kwells work?

Kwells treatment works by blocking the signal to the brains vomit centre. The signal that makes people vomit, feel nauseous, dizzy and generally unwell during travel is triggered by the eyes sending a message of movement to the brain while the inner ear senses no motion. The inner ear plays a very important part in helping the body to balance during walking. When you travel you do so at a speed that is faster than walking so the body's effective balancing sense does not have chance to catch up with what is going on.

Who can take Kwells?

Most people can safely buy Kwells to use on short or long journeys, but there are certain factors that may prevent you from taking this type of medication. They include: hypersensitivity to hyoscine, a history of glaucoma or an enlarged prostate. During your online consultation you should mention any other medical conditions you suffer from or medications, which you are taking, as they may interact negatively with Kwells tablets. You will not be able to take the medication if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

How do you take Kwells?

Kwells treatment for travel sickness can take about 15 minutes to take effect, so taking them about half an hour before you set off is advisable. The medication comes in the form of a tablet, which can be halved and sucked, chewed or swallowed. You will usually be advised to take one tablet every six hours over the course of a long journey without exceeding a total of three tablets every 24 hours.

In order to avoid the symptoms of travel sickness as effectively as possible you should use some other methods alongside the medication such as drinking plenty of water, not mixing the medication with alcohol or greasy food and tilting your head backwards during the journey. Taking them when you begin to feel nauseous works with some people but for optimum results they are best taken beforehand.

What are the precautions and side effects?

Although this medication is considered safe as a travel sickness treatment, some people do experience side effects with the most common being drowsiness. For this reason it is advisable not to drive or operate heavy machinery while taking Kwells.

Before you buy Kwells online you should take special precautions if you are:

  • Elderly, especially if you are under medical care
  • Have a fever
  • Taking antihistamines
  • Taking antipsychotics
  • Taking Tricyclic antidepressants

Be sure to include any medication and health problems in the online consultation form so that the prescribing doctor can be sure the medication is right for you.

Kwells can interact with certain substances including alcohol and sedatives therefore they should not be taken if you have used either in the past 12 hours.

Can you buy Kwells online?

You can buy Kwells tablets online in order to avoid the symptoms of motion sickness during a long journey. You can order Kwells travel sickness treatment online at euroClinix after filling in a short, free, online consultation form. This will allow the prescribing doctor to ensure your medication will not interact with any health problems or other medication you are taking. Once this has been agreed your order will be discreetly packaged and delivered to your door free of charge the next day.

If you are running low on Kwells in future you can take advantage of the free online repeat prescription service at euroClinix. The process will be faster this time, but you should still inform the prescriber of any changes to your health or medication. You will receive the fast free discreet delivery service under the same terms as the first order.

Note: You must complete a short online consultation so that our doctor can ensure that the treatment is suitable for you. The above pricing should only be used as a reference. The final decision to issue this treatment lies with the prescribing doctor.

Medically reviewed by Dr. Caroline Fontana Written by our editorial team Last reviewed 12-02-2024
Kwells information
Product nameKwells
Active ingredient(s)Hyoscine Hydrobromide
ManufacturerBayer Healthcare
Trustpilot rating4.8/5
Trustpilot reviews13
AvailabilityOut of stock
DescriptionKwells is a prescription treatment that is clinically proven to prevent the symptoms associated with motion sickness
ExemptionSubject to medical prescription
Available dosage0.3mg
ApplicationMen and women over 18 who suffer from motion/travel sickness
UsageTake 1 tablet every 6 hours as needed
Drug classAnticholinergics
Alcohol consumptionAvoid alcohol consumption
When breastfeedingNot recommended, ask your doctor for alternatives
When pregnantNot recommended, ask your doctor for alternatives
Kwells reviews
A pack of Kwells® 300mcg hyoscine hydrobromide 12 tablets Excellent 4.8 13 patients have reviewed Kwells on Trustpilot
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