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Hair Removal

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Hair removal refers to the process of removing unwanted excess facial hair. This can be done safely and effectively by the use of prescription treatment. Hirsutism (excess hair growth) can also be treated by over the counter treatments, laser procedures and electrolysis, though many women prefer to use medications like Vaniqa, which are clinically proven to be effective.

Hair removal can now be done easily and effectively with prescription hair removal creams like Vaniqa, which are clinically tested and available to buy online at euroClinix today.

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What is hirsutism?

Hirsutism consists of excessive hair growing on women, particularly on the face, chest and neck, although it can also appear on the thighs, genital area, lower back, stomach and buttocks. The hair itself is usually much darker and thicker than terminal hair in these areas. This condition normally develops alongside other conditions, such as acne and seborrhoea.

Hair removal for women

Excessive hair growth can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing condition to affect women. Depending on the individual, the degree of hirsutism will vary but most women find the condition discomforting regardless of how badly they are affected by it. However, the important distinction here is that "less" severe cases of excess hair growth may only require a mild methods such as shaving or waxing, whereas more serious cases will require a prescription hair removal cream.

Hirsutism causes

Hair growth, in both men and women, is a result of hormone levels within the body. Hirsutism is believed to be a result of too many androgens, which are male sex hormones, being present or if the specific person is more sensitive to androgens overall. It can also be caused due to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), where the excessive hair growth is usually accompanied by irregular periods and breakouts of acne.

Excessive hair growth can also be a symptom of a further medical condition or even be caused by a specific type of medication; most commonly those used to treat epilepsy and endometriosis. Generally though there is little definite explanation why a woman will suffer from hirsutism. This is particularly the case when it comes to women who experience idiopathic hirsutism, which has no medical explanation as to how it was caused. According to the NHS, approximately 23% of women with hirsutism are diagnosed with idiopathic hirsutism. In these circumstances it's up to the woman to decide if any treatment is required at all.

Hirsutism symptoms

When diagnosing hirsutism, the condition consists of excessive amounts of hair growing on the face of women, in particular on the upper lip and chin. Hair may also grow on the neck, chest, stomach, thighs and genital area. The excessive hair is normally dark in colour and thick. Other notable symptoms can include:

  • Oily skin
  • A receding hairline
  • A deeper voice
  • Outbreak of acne on the face, chest or back
  • An enlarged clitoris

Treating hirsutism

As previously noted, depending on the severity of the excess hair growth, there are several methods of facial hair removal for women that may prove effective. Remember that before conducting any of them, you should consult your doctor or seek dermatological guidance. Firstly, for mild cases, the methods most often used are shaving, bleaching, waxing, threading and plucking. These can be done easily and in the privacy of your own home but will only be effective for short periods of time and are therefore not considered to be a cure. They are also invariably more effective if done on a regular basis but in doing so may cause discomfort and irritated skin.

Secondly, there are long-term solutions that can provide women with effective forms of hair removal, but these are more expensive. Laser treatment and electrolysis are the two most popular methods in this category. Laser treatment consists of a number of laser lights being used to damage the actual hair follicle to remove and retard hair growth. Electrolysis does this similarly except a small needle is used as well as a small electrical current. Both are considered safe methods, although may cause some discomfort but electrolysis is also seen as one of the most permanent methods for hair removal for women.

Lastly there are prescription hair removal creams and treatments. Initially however, your doctor may prescribe an anti-androgen like a contraceptive pill if you have not started menopause. These will be able to block the male sex hormone and reduce the potential cause of excessive facial hair. They can be effective, but often take a long time to show results and will only be effective for as long as women continue to take the pill.

A hair removal cream like Vaniqa may be prescribed if anti-androgens have proven ineffective. This cream is applied to the desired area of skin and slows the growth of the hair until it becomes less and less visible. It's highly effective and clinically tested for safety.

Preventing hirsutism

Whilst there aren't any guaranteed or clinically proven methods for preventing hirsutism, the methods listed below may make a difference:

  • Exercising regularly
  • Following a nutritious diet
  • Using certain skin creams, e.g. E45 cream
  • Avoid certain drugs, in particular Danazol (Danocrine)
  • Drinking organic teas (e.g. spearmint tea)
  • Using natural herbal remedies that include turmeric as an ingredient
  • Keeping obesity under control if you are dealing with polycystic ovary syndrome

Can I buy hair removal treatments online?

You can order the clinically proven hair removal cream Vaniqa online at euroClinix with guaranteed discretion and fast delivery after a free doctor's consultation to ensure your suitability. Our doctors will use the consultation to form a diagnosis and if the dosage you have chosen is right for you to use, they will issue a prescription. It is important for your own health that you're completely honest and open during your online consultation. All orders are delivered from our UK registered pharmacy via our free next day delivery service. Once approved, your hair removal cream will be delivered right to your door.

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