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Period Delay

How to delay your period safely with mediation available online in the UK

We've all had those moments before, when you have a special occasion or holiday coming up and your period starts. However, thanks to the help of period delay medications, you now have the option to push back the start of your period for a couple of weeks until it's convenient. This can happen with certain types of birth control pills as well as medication Norethisterone that is specifically designed to delay your period. These treatments delay your period by controlling when the womb lining is shed, which provides control over when your period starts for whatever reason you decide to delay.

At euroClinix, we can provide you with a safe, confidential and convenient way to buy Norethisterone online, as well as contraceptives, which are proven to delay your time of the month. With all prescriptions, you'll need to complete a quick and confidential consultation form when you place your order.

Content reviewed on 25-03-21
Dr. Sarah Donald Clinical Lead MRCGP DFSRH DPD DRCOG (GMC Reg: 6099482)

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What is period delay?

Period delay is when you take a treatment, which usually contains a high dose of artificial progesterone, to push back the start of your period. Progesterone occurs naturally in the female body where it plays a key role during the menstrual cycle.

The most obvious benefit of taking medication to delay your period is that you will have more control over where and when your period will start in your menstrual cycle. If you have planned a weekend away, for example, and your period is due to start just before you leave, you can choose to take a few tablets a day to delay your period until you return from your trip.

Treatments for this condition, such as Norethisterone, also provide women with some added benefits including reducing painful periods and heavy bleeding during or between periods, decreasing pre-menstrual symptoms and helping to treat the pain and discomfort associated with endometriosis. If you are in the advanced stages of breast cancer, period delay treatments may also help you to be more comfortable.

It is also possible to delay your period with certain methods of contraception. Whilst the mini pill is unable to do this, pretty much all combined pill options can delay your periods. More details about certain contraceptives as well as Norethisterone is under our 'how to delay your period' section.

Reasons to delay your period

There are many reasons why you may decide to delay your period and some include the below, however there could be a range of specific occasions or motives for delaying your period:

  • Trips with limited or poor facilities; for example, camping, backpacking or going to a festival where toilets and cleanliness might be unfamiliar or modest.
  • Going on holiday; whether it's for a long weekend or a few weeks, you can delay your period. Many women choose to do this, especially if they experience cramps or heavy bleeding.
  • Sports events; swimming is the obvious sport when choosing to delay your periods, however any sporting event can call for it. For example, marathons or team events.
  • Your wedding day; for the same reasons as going on holiday, you may want to delay your period for your wedding day, as well as your honeymoon.
  • During a long haul flight; whether the destination is leisurely or for work, you can take a couple of additional tablets to delay your period for just the flight.
  • A busy social or work event; moving house, an important meeting, a birthday celebration are just three scenarios.

Are there any risks associated with period delay?

As contraceptives and Norethisterone involve progesterone, period delay treatments mimic the actions of this hormone, providing a temporary yet natural solution. This means the risk involved with taking period delay medications is usually very low, because they are only used for a short period of time. If side effects do occur, they are normally mild in nature, and temporary.

Risks involved with Norethisterone capsules include women that have a family history of thrombosis (or blood clots) and the likelihood of you being offered this treatment will be lowered. However, for the vast majority of women, it is completely safe. It is important to remember that Norethisterone is not a contraceptive and will not prevent pregnancy. It should therefore not be used for a prolonged period of time.

How to delay your period

You can delay your period in a couple of ways, and this depends on the type of contraception you are using, if any at all. The good use is, all types are safe to do and mimics your body's natural process, posing limited dangers to your health.


The only period delay medication to buy in the UK is Norethisterone, which should be taken a couple of days prior to your periods starting until you wish to stop. Norethisterone can be taken for a number of weeks, regarding of your situation, and is available to order online from euroClinix. However, because it is a prescription medication we ask that you complete a quick online consultation.

Norethisterone is particularly useful if you're not currently taking a contraceptive that can offer the option of halting your time of the month, or the contraception you're using doesn't stop periods.

Whilst Norethisterone works in a similar way to oral contraceptives, especially the combined pill and mini pill, it's essential to remember that this medication is not a conceptive and you will have to use additional barrier contraception such as condoms to prevent pregnancy.

Combined contraceptives

In some cases, if you are using a combined hormonal birth control pill, a doctor may instruct you on how to use it to delay your period as well. This saves you ordering different medication when the contraceptive you're using does exactly the same thing.

Combined birth control is the ideal form of contraception to delay your period and you can do so by starting your new 21-pill pack straight after the next. The combination of oestrogen and progesterone will prevent the womb from shedding.

Combined pills such as Microgynon, Cilest, Yasmin and Rigevidon can all be used to delay your period, and happen to be popular methods of combined pill.

There is an exception in the case of phasic combined pills such as triphasic and biphasic, as these versions do contains different levels of hormones. It can still be possible to delay your periods with these types of combined pill by taking the tablets in a specific order. If you wish to do this, you are advised to speak to your doctor before your trip or event, but it usually involves taking the last phase first.

The maximum number of packets to take one after another is three packets, meaning you'll be covered for three months, however most women find taking two packets during their holiday or event will suffice.

Mini pills

Using the mini pill as a way to delay your period will depend on your scenario. For example, a minority of women find that they never experience periods whilst taking their mini pill contraceptive. This accounts for around 20% of women and simply carrying on with this medication is a suitable period delay option. For the other 80%, you may find you experience periods, and occasionally they can be quite erratic, so opting for Norethisterone for this period of time would be a more viable option.

It is important to remember that Norethisterone is not a contraceptive and additional barrier contraception should be used. In addition, once you stop taking Norethisterone and return to the mini pill, you should follow the same guidelines for when you started the contraceptive (condoms for seven days, for example).

How long can you delay your period for?

You can delay your period for a number of months safely and effectively with these treatment options. For the combined contraceptive pill, you may experience bloating if you continue to delay your period for more than three months. For Norethisterone, you can order up to 90 tablets from your doctor, which covers you for about 30 days.

For those travelling for a prolonged period, a combined contraceptive option could be preferred, but if you're looking for a temporary halt for one-two months, Norethisterone can be prescribed.

Can I buy medications for period delay online?

euroClinix provides a proven and effective treatment to delay your period; Norethisterone. This form of medication for period delay is only suitable for women who are not currently taking any other form of contraceptive medications such as the combined pill. If you're looking to delay your period using the combined, you can also order your chosen method at euroClinix.

To buy Norethisterone online from euroClinix, all you have to do is complete a quick and simple online consultation form with us. This will enable our EU qualified doctors to ensure that the medication you are ordering is suitable for you, in the interest of your health and condition. If approved our EU qualified doctor will provide you with your prescription.

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