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ED Trial Pack

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What is the ED trial pack?

The ED trial pack is a unique treatment option for first-time users. The pack allows you to try different medicines for erectile dysfunction and see which one works best for you. They are available as both branded and generic packs.

What do I get in the ED trial pack?

The pack contains three prescription medicines for erectile dysfunction, known as PDE-5 inhibitors. You will receive the branded or the generic version (depending on the trial pack you pick).

You will get one pack (4 tablets) of each of the following medicines.

How do these medicines work?

These medicines promote blood flow to the blood vessels in the penis, allowing for longer-lasting erections and better performance. They all work similarly but have minor differences in how long they last and how long they take to work.

Viagra / Sildenafil Cialis / Tadalafil Levitra / Vardenafil
Dose 50mg 10mg 10mg
How long it takes to work 30 minutes 30 minutes 25 - 60 minutes
How long it is effective for 4 - 6 hours 36 hours 4 - 6 hours

What are the benefits of the ED trial pack?

Despite belonging to the same drug class, ED treatments have slightly different effects. Naturally, you may like one medicine more than another. The main advantage of the trial pack is that you can try each medicine, without committing to one you don’t like.

It’s also more cost-effective. You don’t have to splash out on one pack, only to realise it doesn’t work for you.

In addition, each medication is at a medium dose. This means you can raise or lower the dose of your chosen medication after trialling it if the effects are too weak or you experience any side effects.

Each medication also has its unique benefits. For instance, Cialis is known as the “weekend pill” because it lasts up to 36 hours. You can be more spontaneous as you are not limited to such a small time window.

Who can use the ED trial pack?

Most adult men can use the erectile dysfunction medications in the trial pack. However, if you have a particular medical condition or take certain medicines, these medicines may not be suitable for you.

Do not use the ED trial pack if you have any of the following conditions:

  • low or high blood pressure
  • recent and unstable angina (chest pain)
  • recent stroke or heart attack
  • eye problems
  • a heart rhythm disorder (arrhythmia)

ED medicines can react with other over-the-counter or prescription medications and cause side effects. Some interactions include:

  • medicines used to treat cardiovascular disease (e.g. for heart failure, high blood pressure and angina)
  • amyl nitrite (“poppers”)
  • certain asthma medicines
  • certain antidepressants
  • certain antibiotics and antifungals
  • medicines for epilepsy
  • medicines for HIV
  • medicines for an enlarged prostate (BPH)
  • Priligy for premature ejaculation

You should also not take multiple ED medicines at the same time, including Viagra Connect or unlicensed products like Kamagra. Do not take any of the medications available in the pack together.

If you have a condition or take a medicine that is not listed, check with your doctor before using any ED treatment. For a complete list of cautions and interactions, please consult the patient information leaflet for each medicine in the pack.

How do I take the medicines in the ED trial pack?

Take one tablet of your chosen ED med shortly before you intend to have sex. You will need to be sexually stimulated for the medication to work.

Because each medicine is slightly different, the dosage instructions vary. Please follow the instructions for each ED medication respectively.

  • Viagra / Sildenafil - Take one 50mg tablet at least 30 minutes before sexual activity.
  • Cialis / Tadalafil - Take one 10mg tablet at least 30 minutes before sexual activity.
  • Levitra / Vardenafil - Take one 10mg tablet at least 25 - 60 minutes before sexual activity.

Do not take more than one tablet of any ED medicine in a 24-hour period. If you find one of the medicines doesn’t work for you, try a different one next time or get a higher dose.

If you take more tablets than you should, it could cause side effects. Contact your doctor if you have taken too many and feel unwell.


While you can take them with food, avoid eating a heavy meal before using any ED medicines. Too much food can reduce the effectiveness of the medicine.

Alcohol can interact with ED medicines. It can make the medicine less effective and affect your erection ability. Avoid drinking any alcohol before using an ED treatment.

Finally, do not drink grapefruit juice. Grapefruit juice can boost the effects of all of these medicines, which can result in side effects.

What are the side effects of the medicines in the ED trial pack?

As with all prescription medicines, the medicines in the trial pack may cause side effects. Thankfully, the most common side effects are mild and don’t require treatment. The risk is further reduced with ED meds as you don’t take them daily.

Some side effects include:

Very common (more than 1 in 10)
  • headache

Common (up to 1 in 10)
  • sickness (nausea)
  • facial flushing
  • indigestion
  • dizziness
  • blurred vision

Uncommon (up to 1 in 100)
  • throwing up
  • eye irritation/pain
  • changes in blood pressure
  • drowsiness
  • muscle pain
  • heart palpitations

While serious side effects can happen, they are rare. Read the patient information leaflet for more information on side effects.

How do I buy the ED trial pack online?

You can buy both the branded and generic ED trial packs online at euroClinix. All you have to do is complete a quick consultation which will be reviewed by one of our online doctors. Once approved for treatment, your trial pack will be sent to your address with free next-day delivery.

Note: You must complete a short online consultation so that our doctor can ensure that the treatment is suitable for you. The above pricing should only be used as a reference. The final decision to issue this treatment lies with the prescribing doctor.

Medically reviewed by Dr. Caroline Fontana Written by our editorial team
Last reviewed 14-08-2023
ED Trial Pack information
Product name ED Trial Pack
Active ingredient(s) Sildenafil / Tadalafil / Vardenafil
Manufacturer Various
Trustpilot rating 4.5/5
Trustpilot reviews 82
Availability Out of stock
Description Pack that contains 3 different ED meds, allowing you to pick the treatment best for you
Exemption Subject to medical prescription
Administration Oral
Presentation Tablets
Available dosage 50mg,10mg and 10mg respectively
Application Men over 18 with erectile dysfunction
Posology Consult patient leaflets
Drug class PDE5 inhibitors
Alcohol consumption Excess alcohol can lower the effectiveness
When pregnant/breastfeeding Not applicable
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