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Erectile Dysfunction

Information, advice and treatments for impotence and erection problems

Erectile dysfunction (or impotence) is a male sexual disorder characterised by an inability to achieve or maintain erections long enough to complete satisfactory sexual intercourse. Other forms of impotence include problems with orgasm and/or ejaculation. Erectile dysfunction is a problem that can leave you feeling isolated and embarrassed. It can be caused by a number of factors, from stress and anxiety, to underlying health issues such as diabetes or obesity.

Taking a medically prescribed erectile dysfunction treatment can allow you to achieve and sustain an erection more easily, which can significantly improve your sexual experiences and can help to restore your sexual confidence. You can buy clinically proven medications for erectile dysfunction, such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis here at euroClinix today.

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What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (male impotence) is defined as an inability to gain an erection or to sustain an erection, therefore hinder sexual intercourse with a partner. This is a highly common condition affecting an estimated 2.3 million men in the UK, as well as many more millions globally.

This condition can be caused by physical, psychological and lifestyle factors meaning that whilst it's commonly believed that erectile dysfunction only affects men aged from 40 to 70 years old, it can in fact affect many younger men. Erectile dysfunction (ED) can be effectively treated and managed by taking clinically proven prescription medication, such as Viagra, Sildenafil and Cialis.

How an erection is formed

The image below shows how an enlarged corpora cavernosa causes the penis to become larger and more erect. The corpora cavernosa is, essentially, two tubes that run along the entire penis shaft. It expands when you are sexually aroused and accommodates the blood that rushes into it. The corpora cavernosa stretches, making your penis extend and become rigid and erect.

This is how erections are formed. If this process is disrupted in any way, it will not be possible to achieve an erection sufficient for complete intercourse.

flaccid penis and erect penis

Effects of erectile dysfunction

One of the main reasons why you may be experiencing difficulty getting or maintaining an erection is due to an issue with blood flow to the penis when you are aroused. This is something that can be brought on by physical, psychological or lifestyle factors.

Most men will experience moments during their lives where they find it difficult to get or keep an erection, which is perfectly normal. It only becomes an issue when it starts happening regularly, or if you lose your erection more than once during sex in a short space of time.

Once you've established the root cause of your condition, you can then move on to find a suitable impotence treatment that works for you.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Physical causes of male impotence

Erectile dysfunction can be the result of physical conditions, such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Deterioration of the arteries
  • Obesity
  • Hormonal problems
  • Injury or surgery

In addition, damage to the penis as a result of surgical procedures for prostate enlargement or cancer of the bladder can sometimes result in erection problems can be a physical cause of ED. Cerebral or spinal cord injuries can also be the reason why men find it difficult to get or keep an erection.

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction

Young men are far more likely to experience psychologically induced impotence as their desire to pleasure their partner can put unnecessary strain on their sexual performance. A clear sign that your erection problems may be psychological rather than physical is if you wake up in the mornings with an erection – if you do, then the concern is likely to be psychological and not physical. The following psychological factors are known causes of impotence:

  • Anxiety, stress, guilt or depression
  • Unresolved issues regarding your sexual orientation
  • Exhaustion
  • Relationship difficulties

Lifestyle factors that cause erectile dysfunction

There are a number of risk factors that occur as a result of your lifestyle that can contribute to impotence:

  • Smoking - Tobacco smoking is known to restrict the flow of blood to the arteries and veins. This can contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction, as the process of erection depends on adequate blood flow.
  • Taking certain medications - These include antihistamines, antidepressants and medications that are intended to treat high blood pressure or prostate cancer.
  • Alcohol and drug consumption - Studies have shown that excessive amounts of alcohol and drug consumption can lead to long-term impotence. This includes premature ejaculation and loss of sexual desire.
  • Cycling - Cycling for a prolonged period of time can affect the flow of blood in the penis, which may have a temporary effect on sexual function.

Erectile dysfunction symptoms

The most obvious symptom of impotence is the inability to attain a sufficient erection that lasts for the duration of intercourse. However, a one-off occurrence of this experience does not mean that a man is suffering from impotence, and there are many factors that could influence such an event. If the symptoms of impotence are recurrent or at least semi-regular, then it is likely that the individual is suffering from impotence.

There are several different ways impotence symptoms can become apparent. These include:

  • An occasional inability to achieve an erection
  • You may experience only the occasional inability to sustain an erection for sexual intercourse with a partner, while you may be able to get erections when you masturbate, or naturally when you wake up in the morning

Abrupt development of erectile dysfunction usually suggests a psychological cause, such as anxiety, stress or depression. You may find that your inability to get an erection is something that develops slowly and steadily over time and you may notice it becoming more and more of a issue. If this should occur, your symptoms are probably more likely to be diagnosed as being a result of physical restrictions.

Additionally, other symptoms of impotence include problems with ejaculation or orgasm. These symptoms are usually related to other conditions, but they may play a role in erectile dysfunction.

Treating erectile dysfunction

Prescription medications

Prescription medications are one of the most widely used and effective methods for treating impotence. Oral medications carry fewer risks than surgical procedures and are proven to be significantly more reliable than creams and erection inducer devices. With most of the available medications, the effect can be seen within as little as 30 minutes and can last for hours at a time.

Natural treatments

You can better your chances of treating impotence by making positive changes to your diet and exercise regime. A healthy diet including wholegrain and low-fat food, as well as a decreased alcohol intake can potentially lower the likelihood of developing erectile dysfunction. Natural herbal remedies may also be helpful, however, there isn't enough evidence to support their effectiveness compared to prescription medication.


This is seen as a last resort when treating erectile dysfunction. However, it can be an effective procedure for men who have been involved in serious accidents, where their penis has been significantly damaged or disfigured. The NHS would provide this kind of surgery. Cosmetic surgeries (i.e. penile implants) are also an option, although, the NHS doesn't provide these.

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)

Testosterone levels can potentially dip during a man's thirties. Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) alongside dieting and exercising can prevent any significant dips in testosterone levels. If you feel your libido is noticeably low, you can visit a doctor to get your testosterone levels tested.

Can I buy erectile dysfunction treatments online?

If you are looking to successfully treat erectile dysfunction in order to gain and sustain a longer lasting erection during sexual intercourse, clinically proven male impotence treatments can be ordered online from euroClinix. We ask each of our patients to complete a short and confidential online consultation with one of our doctors as part of our ordering process. Our doctor can approve a prescription for your treatment if they feel it is suitable for your condition.

Once a prescription has been approved and sent to our UK pharmacy, your medication can be dispatched via our next day delivery service. If you live in London you might be eligible for same day delivery. All of our ED treatments are delivered discreetly in plain, tamper-proof polyethylene courier bags.

For more information about our ED treatments, please visit their respective product pages. The links can be found above.

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