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Haemorrhoids, also known as piles, are small lumps or swellings caused by varicose veins that develop on the rectum and the anus. Affecting both men and women of any age (although more likely in people over 50), they can occur due to factors such as prolonged straining (while on the toilet), a sedentary lifestyle and constipation. It is usually recommended that simple lifestyle changes through diet and exercise be implemented when diagnosed with the condition.

Although haemorrhoids are not harmful and in most cases in time heal on their own, they can cause a variety of uncomfortable and painful symptoms such as anal bleeding, itching, irritation and soreness. Haemorrhoid medications are therefore often prescribed to reduce the discomfort caused from piles and alleviate uncomfortable symptoms.

euroClinix offers a wide variety of prescription haemorrhoids treatments to allow you to find the most effective pain relief haemorrhoid treatment for you. All you are required to do is complete an online consultation with one of our doctors to ensure that your selected haemorrhoids treatment is suitable for you. Once you place an order with us, your treatment will be sent to you using our free and discreet overnight delivery service.

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Dr. Mahesh Chhaya MBBS Written by our editorial team
Last reviewed 21-10-2022

Available Treatment(s)

Pack of Anusol HC Suppositories and Anusol HC Ointment
Anusol HC 5
  • Effective treatment for haemorrhoids
  • Provides relief of symptoms such as swelling, soreness and itching
  • Available as an ointment and suppositories
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Prices start from £24.99
Betnovate® betamethasone valerate 100g ointment
Betnovate 4.8(41 Reviews)
  • Effective treatment for inflammatory skin disorders
  • Can be used as a medication for external haemorrhoids
  • Available in the form of a cream, lotion or ointment
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Prices start from £19.99
Pack of Proctosedyl® Suppositories and Proctosedyl 30g ointment
Proctosedyl 4.3
  • Effective treatment for haemorrhoids
  • Provides short term relief from symptoms
  • Available in suppository form to treat internal piles
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Prices start from £29.99
Box of Scheriproct® 30g ointment
Scheriproct 4.9
  • Proven treatment of haemorrhoids
  • Alleviates symptoms including soreness, itching and irritation
  • Available in the form of an ointment
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Prices start from £22.95
Box of 20g Xyloproct® 5%/0.275% ointment
Xyloproct 4.5
  • Provides effective relief of haemorrhoids
  • Alleviates unpleasant symptoms like itching and anal inflammation
  • Available as an ointment to treat external piles
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Prices start from £29.99
Pack of Uniroid-HC® Suppositories and Ointment
Uniroid-HC 4.7
  • Treats haemorrhoids (piles) effectively
  • Reduces symptoms such as inflammation, itching & soreness
  • Available as an ointment & suppositories
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Prices start from £24.99

What are haemorrhoids?

Haemorrhoids or piles are small blood filled lumps that are caused by the increased pressure placed on the varicose veins. Developing on the rectum or the anus, they can be experienced by both men and women of any age, though your chances of developing the condition increase, as you get older. Although this condition initially develops inside the anus (known as internal haemorrhoids), they can occasionally protrude and become external piles.

What causes haemorrhoids?

As haemorrhoids are caused by an increase of pressure on the veins in the rectum and anus, factors such as straining when using the toilet, and constipation are thought to be key contributors to the formation of piles. Likewise, if you are obese, it is thought that your chance of developing piles is significantly increased. You are also more susceptible to this condition if you are pregnant or over 50 years of age. Changes in your lifestyle, such as including exercise in your daily routine to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and increasing your consumption of fibre to avoid constipation, are usually recommended.

What are the symptoms of haemorrhoids?

Not everybody with haemorrhoids will experience symptoms. However, the most common symptoms include:

  • bleeding after every bowel movement
  • mucus discharge after bowel movements
  • itchiness, swelling and inflammation and soreness around the anus or rectum

You may also experience the constant feeling that your bowels are full and need to be emptied. A pile may also prolapse (move outside of the anus).

Can haemorrhoids be treated?

Although haemorrhoids are usually harmless and in time should disappear on their own, symptoms can often be painful and cause great discomfort. Piles treatments provide effective short-term relief of these symptoms and help to alleviate any irritation caused by the piles.

Once you have haemorrhoids you are likely to experience flare ups. The only way to get rid of haemorrhoids completely is through surgery which is usually a last resort if they have been allowed to get to a point where treatment is not sufficient. Most people first turn to over the counter treatments, but although helpful in some cases are not strong enough for many to alleviate the symptoms that stop them from partaking in their usual day to day activities without pain and discomfort. There are various prescription medications available that can help to numb the painful area, reduce inflammation, itching and discomfort and shortening the length of the flare up.

What haemorrhoid treatments are available?

Haemorrhoids are available in a number of treatments in the form of creams, lotions, ointments or sprays, which are all effective methods for treating external haemorrhoids. Some of these medications also come with a detachable nozzle, which can be attached to the medicine to treat internal piles. Likewise, some treatments are also available as suppositories, providing an additional treatment method for internal piles.

For piles that are more severe, further treatments options may need to be considered, such as banding, injections, infrared coagulation and surgery. However, a doctor will prescribe or recommend the most suitable option for you.

Can I order treatment for haemorrhoids?

Yes, euroClinix offers a discreet consultation service to help patients find the most suitable and effective piles treatment. Many people that have piles avoid seeing their doctor either through embarrassment, not finding the time to make an appointment or hoping that they will go away on their own. You don't have to suffer with the symptoms when there are haemorrhoid treatments online that can be delivered discreetly to your door the next day. During the ordering process you will be asked to answer key medical questions to determine your suitability for the treatments we offer. If you are approved, your medication will be discreetly shipped to your door.

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