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Reduce cholesterol levels with Pravastatin sodium tablets

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Pravastatin is a generic statin medication which is prescribed to patients with high cholesterol levels to help reduce the risks of heart disease. It increases the production of "good" cholesterol, which stops a build-up of fat and improves circulation. You can buy Pravastatin online at euroClinix by completing a fast and discreet online medical questionnaire below. We deliver all our products in discreet packaging to be delivered as soon as the next working day all inclusive.

  • Reduces high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Generic version of Lipostat
  • Available in dosages 10mg, 20mg and 40mg

Please note the doctor will only be able to prescribe this medication if you have taken it before or been recommended it by a doctor.

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What is Pravastatin?

This medication belongs to a drug group called "statins". Statins are a class of drugs that are often prescribed to aid people with high cholesterol by lowering the amount of cholesterol levels in the blood.

Pravastatin works by reducing the amount of cholesterol that is made in the liver, lowering bad cholesterol and triglycerides, decreasing the risk of heart disease, preventing strokes and heart attacks. It's advised that this medication is used along with maintaining a healthy diet to help lower the levels of bad cholesterol and raise the levels of good cholesterol in the blood.

In addition to eating a healthy diet, other recommended lifestyle changes that could increase the effectiveness of this medication include exercising, weight loss and smoking cessation.

What are the benefits?

Most people who suffer from high cholesterol can benefit from taking a statin medication in order to reduce cholesterol levels and improve their health. Because high cholesterol rarely shows any symptoms, the benefits will not necessarily be outwardly noticeable. However, the health risks that come with high levels of "bad" cholesterol are significant and can include the possibility of heart attacks, stroke or angina (severe chest pains). Taking a medication such as Pravastatin can help avoid these risks.

How does it work?

Cholesterol is often classified into "good" and "bad". This is because high-density lipoproteins are necessary in the body in order to produce hormones and blood cells. However, low-density lipoproteins can cause cholesterol, which builds up in the blood vessels and arteries, making it more difficult for the blood to flow through the body and causing the heart to strain.

This medication works by inhibiting the enzymes, which help to create this type of cholesterol, making it harder for the body to produce good HDL. They also increase the amount of "good" cholesterol in the body, which improves circulation and limits the risks of any complications.

How to use Pravastatin

This is an oral medication that can be taken with or without food on a daily basis. To get the optimum result from this medication, it is recommended that you take it during the evenings.

If you take medication that lowers the cholesterol levels in your blood, you should take this medication at least one hour before or alternatively four hours after taking these medications. Medications that lower the cholesterol levels in your blood can react with Pravastatin, preventing it full absorption

This medication should not be taken with large quantities of alcohol and you should avoid eating grapefruit as it reacts negatively in the body in conjunction with statins.

Precautions when using Pravastatin

Most people with high levels of cholesterol can safely buy Pravastatin in order to improve their health where lifestyle changes such as exercise and low-cholesterol diets haven't worked. However certain people may not be able to use this treatment, this includes:

  • women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • those with liver or kidney disease
  • people who suffer from hypersensitivity to pravastatin sodium
  • those over the age of 70
  • those with a blood disorder

You should not consume grapefruit or grapefruit juice whilst taking Pravastatin because it may tamper with the effectiveness of the medication from being as effective.

Please also note that patients need to have been prescribed this medication in order to buy it from euroClinix.

Are there any side effects?

Like all prescription medications, statins can cause side effects in some people. These side effects should lessen as the body becomes used to the treatment and dosage, but if you do experience them you should stop taking the medication and consult a doctor immediately.


As with most prescription medications, headaches are a common side effect of Pravastatin. Sleep disturbances and dizziness may also occur. It is very rare to experience problems with memory or behavioural changes as a result of this medication.


Indigestion is quite common when taking this medication, as is nausea, stomach pain and diarrhoea.


It is quite common for those taking Pravastatin to experience itching, rashes and/or hives on the skin.


Some pain in the muscles and joints may occur.

Pravastatin side effects

Click on the relevant area of the body to find out about how it may be affected by Pravastatin

Some of the more common side effects are experienced by one person in every 1,000 and can include nausea, bladder problems and insomnia. However, these side effects should pass as soon as the body adapts to the new medication.

The following common, uncommon and rare side effects have been recorded, but for a full overview please refer to the patient leaflet:

Side effects Common Uncommon Rare
Sleep disturbances
Indigestion, nausea, stomach pain and/or diarrhoea
Skin itching, pimples, hive, rashes and/or hair loss
Bladder problems and/or sexual difficulties
Muscle and joint pain
Numbness or burning sensation when touching things, which could indicate nerve damage
Inflammation of the liver
Increase of liver enzymes in the blood
Memory loss
Breathing problems, shortness of breath or fever

Can you buy Pravastatin online?

Yes. You can buy Pravastatin safely from euroClinix after filling in a free online medical consultation. This is to make sure that the medication will not have any negative effects and that it is safe and effective for you. Once your prescription has been issued, one of our registered pharmacies will dispatch your order for free next day delivery.

Please note that the manufacturer of this medication may differ from that shown on the image above, but the ingredients, benefits and possible side effects of the medication will be the same.

Treatment Information
Treatment Information
Product Name: Pravastatin
Active Ingredient(s): Pravastatin Sodium
Manufacturer: Teva
Description: Pravastatin is a prescription treatment used to treat high cholesterol and reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems
Exemption: Subject to medical prescription
Administration: Oral
Presentation: Tablets
Available Dosage: 10mg, 20mg, 40mg
Application: Men and women over 18 with high cholesterol
Posology: Take 1 tablet a day before bed
Drug class: Statins
Alcohol consumption: Can cause side effects - take caution or avoid alcohol consumption, seek a GP for further advice
When breastfeeding: Not recommended, ask your doctor for alternatives
When pregnant: Not recommended, ask your doctor for alternatives
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