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  • Pack of Malarone® 250mg/100mg atovaquone/proguanil hydrochloride 12 film-coated tablets
  • Box of Malarone® 250mg/100mg atovaquone/proguanil hydrochloride 12 film-coated tablets with blister pack
  • Blister pack of Malarone® 250mg/100mg atovaquone/proguanil hydrochloride 12 film-coated tablets
  • Box of Malarone® 250mg/100mg film-coated tablets with a patient leaflet
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What is Malarone?

Malarone is an antimalarial that is clinically proven to prevent and treat malaria.

It is an excellent option if you are travelling to an area resistant to malaria tablet Chloroquine. This includes countries in Africa, Oceania and South America.

It works by preventing the growth of the malaria parasite, which stops and kills the infection.

You take one tablet once daily to prevent infection and is available in multiple pack sizes online at euroClinix.

Is atovaquone the same as Malarone?

Atovaquone is one of the two active ingredients in Malarone alongside Proganuil. You can buy a generic version of Malarone containing those two ingredients.

Atovaquone, on its own, is prescribed to treat other types of infections.

How does Malarone work?

Malaria is spread by the bite of an infected mosquito. The parasite enters the bloodstream and causes malaria symptoms.

Malarone contains two active ingredients: atovaquone and proguanil hydrochloride. These ingredients work together to prevent the parasite from spreading.

They interfere with parasite growth in the red blood cells and liver. This stops symptoms in their tracks and prevents infections from ever occurring.

What are the benefits?

The main benefit of Malarone malaria tablets is that they protect you against one of the most harmful parasitic diseases in the world.

With a single daily dose, you will benefit from comprehensive protection against all forms of the infection, even in areas where the parasite has become immune to other antimalarials (e.g. quinine).

You also do not need to take it for as long as other antimalarials once you're in a malaria-free area.

How do I take Malarone malaria tablets?

Take malaria tablets exactly as prescribed to ensure it's effective. Your Malarone dosage will depend on whether you are preventing or treating malaria.

To prevent malaria:

  • take one Malarone tablet once daily
  • start taking it 1-2 days before leaving for your destination
  • continue taking it for 7 days once you return to a malaria-free area
  • if you are sick within 1 hour of taking a tablet, take another dose straight away

To treat malaria:

  • take 4 tablets once a day for 3 days

Take each tablet with food or a milky drink, where possible. This will increase the effectiveness of Malarone.

You must take the complete course of Malarone to prevent the risk of infection. It takes 7 days to be certain any parasites are not in the bloodstream.

If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember. Do not take extra tablets to make up for it.

If you take too many tablets, consult your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

As well as taking medication, you must also take other measures to prevent malaria. This includes using insect repellants and mosquito nets.

Can you crush Malarone malaria tablets?

Yes, you may crush tablets and mix them with a small amount of soft food or a milky drink (e.g. yoghurt, honey or jam).

Does Malarone expire?

Yes, Malarone tablets can expire. The expiry date is printed on the outside of the box. You should not take tablets after the expiry date. This is because it may be ineffective or cause side effects.

Who can take Malarone malaria tablets?

You should always check if you need antimalarials for your travel destination. Check by using the Fit for Travel Trusted source Fit for Travel Government Source UK NHS travel health advice Go to source website and search by your country.

Malarone malaria tablets are generally safe for most to take. However, some people should consult their doctor first, such as those who:

  • are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • have severe kidney disease

You should also be mindful when using Malarone if you take other medicines, including:

  • medicine for HIV (human immunodeficiency virus)
  • certain antibiotics
  • warfarin - is used to stop blood clotting
  • metoclopramide - used for nausea & vomiting
  • certain cancer drugs

These medicines may alter the effects of Malarone and vice versa.

Always consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure.

What are the most common Malarone side effects?

Malarone may cause side effects. However, the most common side effects are mild and go away once your body adjusts to the medication.

Below are some of the most common side effects.

Very common side effects
(more than 1 in 10)
  • headache
  • feeling or being sick
  • stomach pain
  • diarrhoea

Common side effects
(up to 1 in 10)
  • dizziness
  • sleeping problems (insomnia)
  • strange dreams
  • depression
  • loss of appetite
  • fever
  • rash
  • cough

Malarone may also affect your blood test results, so inform the person taking the blood test of all the medicines you are on.

More serious side effects are rare. Tell your doctor or pharmacist as soon as possible if you experience any severe or persistent side effects.

How do I buy Malarone online?

You can order Malarone online here at euroClinix. Our service is certified safe by the MHRA, GMC, and GPhC. We offer a safe and secure ordering process, which includes an online consultation.

It involves a few short medical questions, which our doctors will review. If it is safe for you to take this medication and can benefit from it, they will issue a prescription. Our pharmacy will then dispatch your treatment and you will receive it as soon as the next day.

Note: You must complete a short online consultation so that our doctor can ensure that the treatment is suitable for you. The above pricing should only be used as a reference. The final decision to issue this treatment lies with the prescribing doctor.

Medically reviewed by Dr. Plauto Filho Written by our editorial team Last reviewed 29-01-2024
Malarone information
Product nameMalarone
Active ingredient(s)Atovaquone/ proguanil hydrochloride
ManufacturerGlaxo Wellcome
Trustpilot rating5/5
Trustpilot reviews9
AvailabilityOut of stock
DescriptionAntimalarial used to prevent and treat malaria
ExemptionSubject to medical prescription
Available dosageOne 250mg/100mg tablet taken once daily
ApplicationAdults to prevent or treat uncomplicated malaria
PosologyConsult patient leaflet
Drug classAntimalarials
Alcohol consumptionNo interaction
When pregnant/breastfeedingNot advised
Malarone reviews
Pack of Malarone® 250mg/100mg atovaquone/proguanil hydrochloride 12 film-coated tablets Excellent 5 9 patients have reviewed Malarone on Trustpilot
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