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Buy Kliovance 1mg/500mcg HRT tablets online

  • Pack of 84 Kliovance 1mg/0.5mg estradiol/norethisterone acetate film-coated tablets
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  • Kliovance calendar dial pack tablets
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Dr. Caroline Fontana
Dr. Caroline Fontana Prescribing Doctor

What are the benefits?

The main benefits of using Kliovance is that it helps to relieve unpleasant symptoms such as hot flushes, sweating and vaginal dryness, which can occur when a woman’s oestrogen levels fall and her periods stop, otherwise known as the menopause. Kliovance can also be used to prevent the thinning of bones and the risk of fractures, conditions present in osteoporosis, if other medication has been tried and has proved ineffective.

How does Kliovance work?

Kliovance is a period-free HRT, meaning that you will not experience a monthly bleed. It is a combined HRT containing the active ingredients estradiol and norethisterone, which are both forms of the female sex hormones oestrogen and progestogen. Estradiol is the natural recurring form of oestrogen and norethisterone is a synthetic form of progesterone. During the menopause a woman's ovaries produce significantly less oestrogen, and cause low oestrogen blood levels, resulting in a number of unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms. Estradiol works as an oestrogen supplement, reducing falling levels of oestrogen and reducing symptoms. The supplement of oestrogen levels can also help prevent bone fractures and thinning bones.

For women who have not had a hysterectomy, the increase of oestrogen levels can stimulate the growth of the womb lining, potentially causing endometrial cancer if the womb growth is unchallenged. Progestogen in the form of norethisterone is included to counteract the effects of oestrogen on the womb lining, thus greatly reducing the risk of cancer.

Who cannot use Kliovance?

Kliovance is suitable for postmenopausal women for whom it has been at least 12 months since their last menstrual period. It can be used when you start to experience menopausal symptoms, which for most women is between the ages of 40-60, however this treatment is not usually recommended for use after your mid fifties. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, then you are advised not to use this medication. Kliovance can also not be used if you have a history of breast, womb, (endometrium) or oestrogen-dependent cancer; have experienced unexplained vaginal bleeding; have a history of blot clots or blot clot disorders; have had a heart attack, angina or stroke; have endometrial hyperplasia or liver disease; are pregnant or are planning a pregnancy; or are breastfeeding, then this medication is not suitable for you.

How do you take Kliovance?

Kliovance is usually prescribed in the lowest effective dose for the shortest duration of time possible. It is available in a 28-day pack. One tablet should be taken daily, if possible at the same time everyday. Once you reach the end of your pack, you go on to the next pack with no break. It is recommended that you commence this treatment at the end of scheduled period if you are changing from a cyclical HRT.

It is important that you take this medication as prescribed by your doctor. If you forget to take a tablet you should take it as soon as possible. However, if the missed pill is more than 12 hours late, it is recommended that you skip the dose you missed and continue to take the next dose at the your usual time. Do not double dose to make up for the missed pill as spotting or breakthrough bleeding could occur if you have not had a hysterectomy.

Can this medicine affect other medicines?

When giving information about medicines that you're currently taking it is important to be completely open and honest, this includes medicines bought without prescription and herbal medicines. Similarly, it is advised that you check with your doctor or local pharmacist before using any new medicines while taking this one, to ensure a collaboration of the medicines wont cause any harm to your body.

The following medicines can have the potential to lower blood levels and the effect of this medicine. This may result in a recurrence of symptoms or irregular bleeding:

  • Antiepileptic medicines such as carbamazepine, phenytoin, phenobarbital and primidone
  • Barbiturates such as amobarbital
  • Protease inhibitors for HIV infection such as ritonavir and nelfinavir
  • Rifamycin antibiotics such as rifabutin and rifampicin
  • The herbal remedy St John's wort (Hypericum perforatum).

In some cases, women with diabetes may need minor adjustments in their dose of insulin or anti-diabetic tablets while taking this medicine. It advised that you regularly monitor and consult your doctor if your blood sugar seems to have changed after starting this medicine.

Does this treatment have any side effects?

As with all medications, there is a risk of developing side effects when using Kliovance. Such side effects are usually mild, but can include breakthrough bleeding, vaginal thrush, breast or tenderness, headache and fatigue, among others. More serious side effects, such as gall bladder disease, a rise in blood pressure and a disturbance of the liver function, are very rare but are potentially very serious. You should seek medical assistance if you experience a serious side effect of this medication.

How can I buy Kliovance?

Kliovance is available to buy at euroClinix if you have already been prescribed or recommended this medication by a doctor. To place your order, simply complete an online confidential consultation form. A qualified doctor will issue a prescription if Kliovance is suitable for you. The treatment will then be dispensed and dispatched from our registered pharmacy for free next day delivery.

Treatment Information
Treatment Information
Product Name: Kliovance
Active Ingredient(s): Oestradiol and Norethisterone
Manufacturer: Novo Nordisk
Description: Kliovance is a hormone replacement treatment that provides effective relief from the symptoms of menopause
Exemption: Subject to medical prescription
Administration: Oral
Presentation: Tablets
Available Dosage: 1mg / 500mcg
Application: Women over 18 looking to relieve the symptoms of menopause
Posology: Take 1 tablet per day
Drug class: HRT, continuous combined
Alcohol consumption: No influence
When breastfeeding: Not applicable
When pregnant: Not recommended, ask your doctor for alternatives
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