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Is the Era of Fast Food Coming to an End?

Posted in: General Health 28 May, 2015

A number of companies criticised in the past for not providing healthy alternatives to their products are facing a systematic decrease in sales and operational revenue. In early 2015, a number of world-known brands reported losses due to, what seems to be, shifting needs of a common customer. Spokesmen of the brands declare that in order to catch up with this change, they need to implement new strategies built around healthier food. Various trends around the world indicate, that indeed the public seems to have growing interest and awareness of food products supplied in shops and restaurants. The need for organic, free range or natural products takes its toll on traditional fast food. The same is happening with carbonated beverage brands.

More and more customers are interested in what is listed in the product label and learn to avoid such ingredients as artificial additives, GMO or trans-fats products. Will the companies who currently face the troubles manage to adjust to the new customer expectations? We'll know in time, but regardless of the outcome, the ones who benefit from the situation is us - the public who may just get easier access to healthy food.

Is the Era of Fast Food Coming to an End?

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