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What is Famvir?

Famvir is an effective antiviral drug that men and women can buy online to effectively treat herpes virus. This clinically proven medicine has the ability to slow down the growth of the herpes virus, allowing the body to fight off the infection. This medicine will not cure herpes, but will significantly reduce and alleviate the symptoms of the infection. Famvir is an oral prescription medication taken in the form of a 250mg or 500mg pill. This treatment can be used to successfully treat shingles, certain viral infections like cold sores, genital herpes and chicken pox.

Benefits of taking Famvir

This medicine has a fast working anti-viral action that can stop further symptoms from appearing after just one day's treatment. It's at its most effective within 24 hours of you noticing the first symptoms, and may be less effective if taken more than 72 hours later. You can buy Famvir tablets to make outbreaks of shingles, cold sores and genital herpes go away quicker and to help calm their symptoms, so that they are far less uncomfortable.

How does Famvir work?

The main ingredient of Famvir pills is famciclovir. Famciclovir is a prodrug; it only changes in its active state, penciclovir, once it is ingested. Penciclovir acts quickly to block the actions of the enzymes responsible for the duplication of viral cells that spread from one healthy cell to another. This medicine keeps the virus from overpowering your body's natural defences, giving your immune system time to fight back and drive the herpes virus back into its dormant state.

How to take Famvir

The dosage that you will need to buy will depend on your condition, but the sooner you take it, the faster you will be able to see results.

  • To treat shingles, three Famvir 500mg tablets should be taken daily for seven days.
  • To treat cold sores, three Famvir 500mg tablets should be taken over the course of a day for seven days.
  • To treat genital herpes, a single 250mg tablet should be taken three times per day for five days to treat the initial outbreak. For a recurring outbreak two 125mg tablets should be taken twice daily for five days. As a long-term treatment, two 250mg tablets should be taken per day.

Who can use Famvir?

Famvir tablets can be ordered online by anyone aged 18 years or older who wants to treat the symptoms of cold sores, shingles and genital herpes. It has been proven to be especially effective in treating the herpes virus in people over the age of 50.

Famvir precautions

Although most people can take Famvir tablets safely, there are conditions and medications with which this medication cannot be taken. You should mention to your doctor if you have any of the following conditions, as you may not be able to buy this treatment: severe lactose intolerance, kidney disease or liver disease; allergies to food, preservative or dye; if you are pregnant or breastfeeding; or if you are galactose intolerant. You should also mention any medications you are taking in your consultation.

The herpes infection is extremely contagious and you can pass it on to other people, while you are being treated with Famvir. It is advised that you avoid letting the area where the infection is present come into contact with other people. You should avoid touching an infected area and then touching your eyes. It is important that you wash your hands frequently. This will prevent you from passing the infection on to other people.

This medicine will not prevent the spread of herpes; you refrain from having sex or use a condom to prevent infecting other people with this virus.

Famvir side effects

This medicine is very well tolerated, which is why it is often prescribed to people over 50. Side effects usually tend to affect only a small number of people and they are mostly very mild and brief. The most common side effects can include nausea and headaches. Less than 8% of people may experience more uncommon side effects, such as menstrual cramps, vomiting, diarrhoea, fatigue and cramps. Side effects usually tend to disappear within a couple of days of taking this treatment. If any of these potential side effects persist you should talk to a doctor to discuss your condition as soon as possible.

How do I buy Famvir online?

You can buy Famvir 250mg / 500mg tablets safely and securely online from euroClinix to help manage the symptoms of herpes virus. Famvir can slow down the growth of the virus, improving recovery time and can quickly alleviate the symptoms caused by herpes virus, including sores, ulcers and blisters. The ordering process is very simple and all you will have to do is fill out a confidential online consultation when you order. Our doctors will use the consultation to form a diagnosis and if the dosage you have chosen is safe for you to use, they will issue a prescription. All orders are delivered from our UK registered pharmacy via our next day delivery service.All of our medications are delivered discreetly in plain, tamper-proof polyethylene courier bags.

Famvir information
Product nameFamvir
Active ingredient(s)Famciclovir
Trustpilot rating4.3/5
Trustpilot reviews3
AvailabilityIn stock
DescriptionFamvir is an effective anti-viral medication that is effective at treating the visible symptoms of herpes simplex
ExemptionSubject to medical prescription
Available dosage125mg
ApplicationMen and women over 18 with genital warts, cold sores and shingles
UsageTake 3 tablets per day for 5 days
Drug classAntivirals
Alcohol consumptionCan possibly be prescribed, ask your doctor
When breastfeedingCan possibly be prescribed, ask your doctor
When pregnantCan possibly be prescribed, ask your doctor
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