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Fluvastatin Side Effects

Fluvastatin is an oral treatment to help monitor and control harmful cholesterol levels to prevent it from leading to serious health complications. Although it's safe for most people to take, side effects have been reported in some patients. Although this medication can cause serious side effects, these are more of an exception than the rule and many of the more commonly experienced side effects are mild and aren't likely to require any treatment. It is, however, important to have an idea of the extent to which this treatment can affect your body so that you can adjust it if required, to ensure that you are at your most comfortable while taking this treatment.


Headaches are a fairly common side effect of this medication, and sleeping difficulties may also occur. Behavioural changes are extremely rare.


Abdominal pain and general stomach discomfort is a common side effect, often accompanied by nausea. Indigestion may also occur. Abdominal pain that is unusually severe could be a sign of pancreatic difficulties and as such is a cause for concern that should be reported to a doctor.


Skin reactions, including itchiness or a rash, are rare, as is skin inflammation.


Muscle pain, tenderness or weakness is rare but could occur as a result of this medication.

Fluvastatin side effects

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Common side effects

Sleeping problems, stomach discomfort, headaches, nausea and abdominal pain are side effects that occur most often. They aren't likely to be serious, but you should tell your doctor if you experience them as they may be an indication that you require a different dose or even a different statin, that will be less likely to interact negatively in your body.

Side effects Common Rare or very rare Other
Sleeping difficulties
Stomach discomfort
Abdominal pain
Muscle pain and tenderness
Allergic reaction
Tingling or numbness
Decreased sensitivity
Muscle weakness
Skin reactions
Skin inflammation
Severe upper abdominal pain which can be a sign of pancreatic difficulties
Disturbances in your sleep such as insomnia
Loss of memory
Sexual problems
Changes in mood such as depression
Breathing difficulties of any kind

Rare or very rare side effects

These are effects that have been reported by an extremely small number of people and can be very serious. If you notice any of these get help straight away and stop taking the medication. Stopping the medication can reduce the risk of any permanent effect on your health.

Other side effects

Depression, sexual difficulties and breathing issues may occur and can sometimes be serious; although there is no data available on how frequently these are inclined to develop. Some of these effects may be serious.

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