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Lescol Side Effects

Lescol daily oral treatment for cholesterol is very well tolerated in general, however, there are those that may be more susceptible to developing side effects. The most common side effects experienced by people who use Lescol are usually mild in nature. As a result this treatment will not affect everyone who uses it.


Mild headaches are a common side effect of Lescol. Difficulty sleeping may also occur.


Stomach discomfort, abdominal pain and nausea are common side effects of this medication. Severe stomach pain is very rare but should be reported to a doctor as it may indicate pancreatic difficulties.


Skin reactions such as itching or a rash may occur.


Side effects that affect the muscles, such as weakness, pain or tenderness in the muscular area, are rare but may occur.

Lescol side effects

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Common side effects

Difficulty sleeping, headaches, stomach discomfort, abdominal pain and nausea may be experienced by one out of every 10 users, though fortunately these side effects aren't likely to be serious and are sometimes an indication that your body is adjusting to the treatment. They can also be a way for your doctor to decide whether you require a lower dose, so if these side effects bother you or start to become more serious, you should notify your doctor.

Side effects Common Rare or very rare Other
Difficulty sleeping
Stomach discomfort
Abdominal pain
Muscle pain and tenderness
Allergic reaction
Tingling or numbness
Decreased sensitivity
Muscle weakness
Skin reactions
Signs of skin inflammation or lesions
Severe pain in the upper stomach
Sleep disturbances
Memory loss
Sexual difficulties
Breathing problems

Rare or very rare side effects

Side effects that are listed as rare or very rare occur in less than one to 10 people out of every 10, 000 and are therefore very rare. Many of the side effects mentioned have the potential to be very serious and may require immediate treatment.

Other side effects

Changes in mood, breathing difficulties or difficulty performing sexually can sometimes develop in people who use statins; some of these effects can be serious.

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