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Pravastatin Side Effects

Pravastatin is a potentially life-saving treatment that is used to help people control their cholesterol when diet and exercise weren't able to provide effective results. It's classed as a statin, which are treatments that have been used for many decades by millions of patients to help control their cholesterol levels to prevent serious health complications. This everyday treatment can cause side effects, but they are uncommon or extremely rare, however it's important to know what they are to ensure that you are not adversely affected while taking this medication.


As with most prescription medications, headaches are a common side effect of Pravastatin. Sleep disturbances and dizziness may also occur. It is very rare to experience problems with memory or behavioural changes as a result of this medication.


Indigestion is quite common when taking this medication, as is nausea, stomach pain and diarrhoea.


It is quite common for those taking Pravastatin to experience itching, rashes and/or hives on the skin.


Some pain in the muscles and joints may occur.

Pravastatin side effects

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Uncommon side effects

Dizziness, sleep disturbances and joint pain are all effects that occur in less than every 1000 patients who take Pravastatin. Some of these side effects are dangerous and may require further treatment.

Side effects Common Uncommon Rare
Sleep disturbances
Indigestion, nausea, stomach pain and/or diarrhoea
Skin itching, pimples, hive, rashes and/or hair loss
Bladder problems and/or sexual difficulties
Muscle and joint pain
Numbness or burning sensation when touching things, which could indicate nerve damage
Inflammation of the liver
Increase of liver enzymes in the blood
Memory loss
Breathing problems, shortness of breath or fever

Rare side effects

These effects have been reported in less than one in every 10, 000 patients, but they can be serious and may require medical treatment. If you experience any of these you may have to stop taking your medication straight away to avoid any further damage to your health, this is particularly the case with any muscle and liver related side effects that are experienced.

Other side effects

Breathing problems, memory loss, depression and nightmares have been reported by some patients who take statins, but these effects are rare. Speak to your doctor if you experience any of these.

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