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ellaOne Side Effects

ellaOne is a form of emergency contraception which can be taken up to five days after having unprotected sex. It is considered a highly effective way of preventing pregnancy and is very safe for women to use in case of a problem with the chosen contraceptive method.

Are there any side effects?

As with all medications, taking ellaOne as an emergency contraceptive can sometimes cause side effects. Medications affect different people in different ways, and bodily reactions - especially hormonal changes - can change from one person to the next.

None of the side effects should last longer than a few days, but if they persist, it is worth consulting a doctor or pharmacist to see what your options are.


It is possible that you will experience a mild headache and some dizziness after taking ellaOne. Migraines are less common but may still occur. You may also notice that your mood is temporarily affected by this medication.


Nausea is a fairly common side effect of this medication. You may also notice that your appetite is affected.


Gynaecological side effects are not commonly reported but there is a possibility that you ma experience some abnormal vaginal bleeding. Pain during sex as a result of ellaOne is rare.

Eyes, Nose and Mouth

It is possible that you may experience acne as a side effect of this medication. Visual disturbances, including a sensitivity to light, are very rare, as are nosebleeds and nose congestion.

ellaOne side effects

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Common side effects:

Common side effects of this medicine affect between one in every 10 and 100 women who take it.

Uncommon side effects

The less common side effects could still affect you, but usually only appear in one to 10 patients out of every 1,000.

Rare side effects

These side effects are very seldom reported. Should you experience them persistently, you should contact a doctor to ensure you are not at further risk.

Abdominal pain
Breast tenderness
Mood swings
Abnormal vaginal bleeding
Appetite changes
Visual disturbances
Kidney problems
Sensitivity to light
Nose congestion
Pain during sex

What causes the side effects?

Because ellaOne contains a high level of artificial hormones, it can alter the body's natural cycle. Hormones can affect different women in very different ways and some people may not experience any side effects at all. It is important to remember that ellaOne should not be taken on a regular basis and never twice during the same menstrual cycle.

What should I do if I experience any ellaOne side effects?

If you take this emergency contraception pill and experience any of the side effects, you should not worry. They should only last a couple of days, and then go away. If they do persist and cause you discomfort, then consult a doctor, family planning clinic or pharmacist. They can provide advice on what to do, make a note of your reactions and suggest the next step for you.

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