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Buy Champix (varenicline) 0.5mg and 1mg tablets to help you stop smoking

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What is Champix?

The health risks associated with smoking are numerous and well documented, and buying treatment to help you quit permanently is often advertised especially during times of the year such as Stoptober. Champix is one proven method of smoking cessation medication. Champix is a prescription only medicine that is available to buy and will greatly increase your chances of quitting smoking. Whilst Champix tablets require a prescription slip from your doctor, you can order this online with euroClinix without a face-to-face appointment. This prescription treatment provides the assistance; you need to make quitting easier. You are:

  • Four times more likely to quit if you use this prescription treatment than you are if you quit cold turkey
  • And it is twice as effective as its only competitor, the prescription treatment Zyban
  • More effective than nicotine replacement therapy

As Champix tablets are clinically proven, forums and reviews regarding the medication are always positively received, especially on UK based sites. The initial cost of stopping smoking is a one-off payment, with the price of maintaining the habit costing much more in the long-run, which is why many smokers decide to opt for methods such as Champix to delete the long-term costs of smoking. By quitting, you can significantly reduce your chances of developing serious conditions such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Why is Champix more effective than nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)?

When you use nicotine replacement therapy to quit, you are still supplying your body with the addictive substance, nicotine. Although you may not be ingesting harmful smoke anymore, you are still supplying your body with a nicotine fix. This means that you may still have to deal with withdrawal symptoms when you decide to stop using the nicotine replacement treatments altogether. When buying NRT, you are still providing your body with the addictive substance you're looking to eliminate from your body whilst Champix contains varenicline instead.

How does Champix work?

This medication works by relieving withdrawal and craving symptoms when attempting to quit smoking. Furthermore, because varenicline binds directly to nicotine receptors, it also stops the feeling you get from smoking a cigarette causing you to no longer enjoy the sensation. Altogether, these effects make giving up smoking far easier for you, and explain why Champix tablets have helped up to a quarter of all people in studies (more than any other method) to give up smoking.

The below diagram shows how Champix works to alleviate the worst of the quit smoking side effects, and will also condition your brain to not enjoy the taste or process of smoking.

Champix is helpful as a quit smoking aid because it works in two ways to help you stop smoking. Firstly, it acts like nicotine in the brain to help ease withdrawal symptoms. Secondly, it stops the effects of nicotine on the brain if you do smoke, reducing the pleasure that can be derived.


This medication does not contain nicotine.

The below diagram shows how Champix tablets work to alleviate the worst of the side effects, and will also condition your brain to not enjoy the taste or process of smoking. Champix is helpful as a quit smoking aid because it works in two ways:

  • Firstly, it acts like nicotine in the brain to help ease withdrawal symptoms
  • Secondly, it stops the effects of nicotine on the brain if you do smoke, reducing the pleasure that can be derived

Champix has an active ingredient called varenicline. Varenicline is a nicotine receptor and partial agonist. When you take Champix, the varenicline goes to work on the very same receptors in the brain that nicotine effects when you smoke. In the process, it erases the pleasurable, satisfying feelings you get when you smoke.

When the ingredients in each Champix tablet act on the nicotine receptors, they stimulate them to create an effect that relieves the withdrawal and cravings people experience when they stop smoking. In fact, the Champix treatment is started seven days before you actually quit. So when you do finally stop, the immediate symptoms are much less likely to become overpowering.

How Varenicline Works

Ways to increase chances of success when using Champix

It is important to remember before buying a starter pack of Champix, or even refill pack prior to the initial treatment that smoking is an addiction, and like other addictions, giving up isn't easy. Quitting smoking requires patience and willpower. The only other thing that can help in kick the habit is your attitude and your support network:

  • Mentally prepare yourself before you give up
  • Consider all the health risks associated with smoking
  • Consider the health and social benefits that you are going to be able to enjoy when you've quit
  • Once you've set a date to quit and started your treatment, continue to remind yourself why you want to quit, and what harm can come from it if you don't
  • Create a support network, or at the very least let the people that you come into contact through quitting. That way they can offer their support by not offering you cigarettes, including you in smoking breaks or smoking around you

How to take Champix

When first ordering Champix, you will be recommended the starter pack before using the refill packs if necessary (many smokers decide to use additional Champix course beyond the first 12-week starter pack to further increase the chances of quitting for good).

  • Ideally you want to be taking Champix one week before you decide to stop smoking. This is so that the treatment has a chance to reach an adequate concentration within your system to work effectively.
  • If you want to quit smoking successfully using Champix, you will need to complete a 12-week treatment plan.
  • You should start off the treatment by taking a single 0.5mg pill for the first three days. After this period, the dosage should be increased to two 0.5mg tablets for four days. The 1mg pills can then be taken twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, for the next 11 weeks.
  • People who still find it difficult to quit after 12 weeks of treatment have found that starting another course of tablets helped them quit completely. While taking the treatment you should also seek help and support as much as possible, because this will improve your chances of success.
  • Your doctor, practice nurse or local pharmacist can all provide this support.

Champix dosages

The dosages and quantity of Champix varies depending on your lifestyle, the extent of your habit and whether you are starting or reusing the treatment. This will be recommended by our doctors when ordering.

The active ingredient in Champix is varenicline, which acts as a substitute to nicotine making this medication slightly different to the usual methods that do contain the active substance. This means your reliance on nicotine diminishes over time.

There are two dosages of Champix available; 0.5mg of varenicline and 1mg of varenicline. The lower dose is usually started in the beginning with the dose increasing throughout the starter pack, and within the refill pack. Every tablet – or capsule – of Champix contains the same dosage of varenicline.

The starter pack is available in both 0.5mg and 1mg depending on the doctor's recommendation based on your health, medical history and how many cigarettes you smoke. The refill packs, or if you are planning to use Champix as a long-term treatment, is usually available in the 1mg.

Precautions of Champix

Champix can provide much-needed help to both men and women who are 18 or older and looking for an effective way to quit smoking for good however there are some circumstances that will require a face-to-face doctor's appointment before ordering, or for you to seek alternative smoking cessation treatment.

It is not recommended for you to use Champix if you have a history of psychological issues such as depression, have impaired kidney function, epilepsy or if you are pregnant.

  • If you are pregnant
  • If you have impaired functions
  • Suffer from epilepsy
  • Suffer from psychological issues such as depression

Champix and alcohol consumption should be monitored with caution as an excessive intake whilst using this medication can exaggerate the effects of drunkenness. Some reports have shown that the active ingredient varenicline could possibly help curb alcoholism, however you should speak to your doctor or GP regarding this if you feel you have an issue with alcohol consumption.

During your order, you should mention any existing and past medical conditions or medications you may be using in your consultation, as a doctor may be able to offer you an alternative smoking cessation treatment.

Champix side effects

People who take this treatment experience very few side effects, however some may suffer from effects such as nausea, headaches, diarrhoea, flatulence and indigestion.

This prescription treatment can cause, in very rare cases, behavioural changes like depression. Therefore it is important to inform a partner or a family member when you start taking the treatment so they can monitor your behaviour.

If any of these side effects occurs, they will likely begin soon after the Champix starter pack rather further in the medication course. If they are causing any significant distress, it is advised to stop taking the medication and visit your doctor. Before you order Champix online, it is advised to read the patient leaflet attached at the bottom of this page thoroughly.

Where can I buy Champix online?

If you are motivated to quit and you would like to start this treatment as soon as possible, you can buy Champix online. As Champix is clinically proven in the UK, it requires a prescription before purchase. To obtain this, all you will have to do is complete an online consultation when ordering. Your consultation will be considered by one of our EU qualified doctors and if you are eligible to use the medication you have chosen, a prescription will be sent to our EU pharmacy to be processed and shipped.

Treatment Information
Treatment Information
Product Name: Champix
Active Ingredient(s): Varenicline tartrate
Manufacturer: Pfizer
Description: Champix is a prescription smoking cessation treatment which is almost twice as effective as anything else available
Exemption: Subject to medical prescription
Administration: Oral
Presentation: Tablets
Available Dosage: 0.5mg, 1mg
Application: Men and women over 18 looking to quit smoking
Posology: Take 2 tablets daily (dosage depending on stage of treatment)
Drug class: Nicotine dependance treatment
Alcohol consumption: Avoid alcohol consumption
When breastfeeding: Not recommended, ask your doctor for alternatives
When pregnant: Not recommended, ask your doctor for alternatives
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