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Levitra is the fastest acting treatment available in the UK to gain and maintain an erection, becoming effective in as little as 15 minutes. Clinical trials have proven the efficacy of Levitra, which is particularly suitable for men with underlying health conditions. You can buy Levitra online at euroClinix by completing a fast and discreet online medical questionnaire below. We deliver all our products in discreet packaging to be delivered as soon as the next working day all inclusive.

  • Effective within 15 minutes and active for up to five hours
  • Contains active ingredient vardenafil
  • Available in dosages of 5mg, 10mg and 20mg
Reviews Excellent 4.8 Star Rating  163 patient review(s)
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What is Levitra?

Levitra (vardenafil) is an effective medication that men can purchase online in the UK to successfully treat erectile dysfunction (ED). This clinically proven impotence treatment is effective in a lower dose when compared to other impotence tablets, which makes it less likely to cause side effects.

This also makes it a better impotence treatment for older men and those with underlying health conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Most men start noticing effects around 15 to 20 minutes after taking Levitra tablets. Once this treatment is in your system, the effects can last up to five hours. This fast-acting medication is taken in the form of a 5mg, 10mg or 20mg tablet and lasts for up to five hours, ensuring an improved sexual experience.

How does Levitra work?

Levitra tablets have an active ingredient called vardenafil, which works by influencing the function of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5), a naturally occurring enzyme in the body. PDE-5 breaks down cGMP, which is a nucleotide that is released when you're aroused.

A very complicated sequence of events occur before an erection is formed, involving signals from the nervous system and the release of chemical messengers inside the penile tissues. One of the name of these overriding chemicals is called cyclic GMP.

cGMP causes blood vessels in the penis to relax and allow more blood in, which ultimately results in an erection. When you climax or if you are no longer stimulated, PDE-5 breaks down cGMP so that blood flow can return to normal. Sometimes a problem in the erection process can cause PDE-5 to work too soon. Vardenafil inhibits PDE-5, making it easier to keep or get an erection. For this treatment to cause an erection, you need to be sexually aroused before you use Levitra.

How to take Levitra?

Levitra (vardenafil) pills are available to order online at euroClinix in three dosage strengths: 5mg, 10mg and 20mg. The tablets can be taken with or without food. However, meals with a large fat content may delay the medication's effect. If you are unsure which dose to take, you can contact us for more information.

This treatment normally works within 20 to 60 minutes of you taking it, although some men will notice effects within 15 minutes. This medication stays in your system for approximately four to five hours and should not be taken more than once during a 24-hour period.


At euroClinix, this medication is available in 5mg, 10mg and 20mg doses. The typical starting dose is 10mg. You can also buy the alternative, Levitra Orodispersible which dissolves on the tongue as opposed to being swallowed in tablet form.

Levitra precautions and interactions

People who are taking nitrates, nitroglycerin or certain types of antiarrhythmics should not buy this medication. Nitrates cause the muscles to relax and have an effect on blood pressure. If you take nitrates with Levitra, the combination could cause a drastic drop in blood pressure. Do not take Levitra pills with other ED medications such as Cialis and Viagra. Doing so could also cause harmful side effects.

When you fill out the online consultation, please list all the medication you are currently taking, including those purchased without a prescription and herbal treatments, before you begin taking Levitra. Likewise, double check with your GP or healthcare provider before starting any new treatment whilst taking this one, to make sure you are using a medically safe combination.

When you are taking this treatment, avoid grapefruit juice, as it may increase the ingredients in your blood and this consequently increases the risks of experiencing side effects. Do not take more than the recommended dosage. As a further note of caution, refrain from drinking large quantities of alcohol with this treatment. Drinking too much alcohol can reduce your ability to achieve an erection sufficient for sex.

Levitra side effects

When Levitra (vardenafil) pills are taken at the recommended dose, side effects are very rare and usually mild and transient. The most common potential side effects are headaches, facial flushing, stuffy or runny nose, upset stomach and dizziness.

These usually disappear within a couple of hours or days, and should occur less frequently as your body gets used to the medication. If these possible side effects become particularly bothersome or if you experience anything more serious, speak to a doctor for advice as soon as possible.

How to buy Levitra online?

You can buy Levitra (vardenafil) tablets online from euroClinix in 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg doses to effectively treat erectile dysfunction (ED) and improve your sexual experiences. To purchase this fast-acting and clinically proven medication, simply complete a quick online consultation with one of our partner doctors to ensure that the chosen medication will provide you with the best chance of treating your condition.

If your order is approved by one of our professional doctors, a prescription will be sent straight to our UK registered pharmacy, who will ship your medication to the UK and most other European countries for free overnight delivery. You may also be eligible for same day delivery if you live in London.

We understand how important it is to package your treatment discreetly during the delivery process. That is why we deliver all packages in plain, tamper-proof polyethylene courier bags. Our website name will not be written on the outside of the package when it is delivered to you.

Treatment Information
Treatment Information
Product Name: Levitra
Active Ingredient(s): Vardenafil
Manufacturer: Bayer
Description: Levitra is one of the fastest acting erectile dysfunction treatments available and is clinically proven to be effective
Exemption: Subject to medical prescription
Administration: Oral
Presentation: Tablets
Available Dosage: 5mg, 10mg, 20mg
Application: Men over 18 with impotence/erectile dysfunction
Posology: Take 1 tablet around 20 minutes before sexual intercourse
Drug class: PDE5 inhibitor
Alcohol consumption: Can cause side effects - take caution or avoid alcohol consumption, seek a GP for further advice
When breastfeeding: Not applicable
When pregnant: Not applicable
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