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Levitra Side Effects

Levitra (vardenafil) is an approved prescription impotence medication that was subjected to numerous clinical trials and research before it was made available to the public. Potential side effects were assessed during this period to ensure that the benefits of Levitra far outweighed any negative effects that it could cause.

What are the side effects?

Levitra side effects may or may not appear when taking the treatment, as every individual reacts differently to the medication. In fact, out of all the available treatments for impotence, Levitra (vardenafil) is best tolerated by the body, and causes the fewest side effects.


The two most common neurological side effects that may occur are headaches and dizziness. Fatigue does not occur as commonly but may occur as a result of this medication. Neurological side effects like fainting and memory loss are very rare.


Facial flushing is a common reaction to this medication. Bloodshot or watery eyes are less common, while visual disturbances and conditions like glaucoma are very rare. Swelling of the throat is also very rare, and could be a sign of an allergic reaction. Medical attention should be sought immediately if this occurs.


Palpitations are uncommon but may occur. Changes in blood pressure and angina are very rare but should be taken seriously if they occur.


Indigestion is a fairly common side effect of this medication. Nausea is not as common but is a possibility.

Levitra side effects

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What causes the side effects?

There are several factors that may cause you to experience a higher degree of side effects. For example, you could currently be taking medication that may raise the level of vardenafil in your body, or medication that can actually cancel out its affect.

All side effects should be taken seriously, as they could lead to further complications. If you experience side effects that are particularly bothersome, you should contact a doctor to seek further advice. This will not necessarily mean that you cannot use an impotence treatment. You doctor may be able to lower your dose or advise you to take a different medication.

Visual disturbances
Facial swelling
Bloodshot or watery eyes
Change in blood pressure
Loss of memory
Swelling of the throat

Common side effects

The most common Levitra side effects are not too severe and usually pass within the time it takes the medication to leave your system.

Uncommon side effects

The following side effects are less common, which is not to say that they are more severe. Between one and 100 men experienced these Levitra side effects. As with common side effects, if they persist for longer than Levitra is active in your body, then it is important to contact a doctor for support or guidance.

Rare side effects

These side effects have been recorded, but are extremely rare and seldom occur. They are more severe and will generally require immediate medical assistance.

What should I do if I experience side effects?

The odds of you experiencing all of the above side effects are very low. It is more likely that you will experience perhaps one or two. As mentioned before, no side effects should be taken lightly. You must remember what you experience and report it during future consultations. If you experience a side effect and it lasts longer than the duration of the active time of vardenafil (5 hours), then you should contact a doctor.

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