About Us

euroClinix is an international healthcare provider, offering comprehensive medical services in 12 different languages. On this page, we aim to provide you with information about who we are and what we do in the online healthcare industry.

Who we are

We specialise in medicines for conditions people may feel uncomfortable seeking treatment for in person by providing a secure and safe purchasing process which allows you to receive treatment within 24 hours.

We provide private prescriptions through an online consultation, which is overseen by qualified doctors. All the medications we offer are dispatched from an accredited pharmacy and delivered by secure courier. Our order process guarantees that all treatments are genuine, properly prescribed, correctly dispensed, and delivered securely to you.

What we do

  • Provide confidential medical consultations online
  • Offer private prescriptions issued by a qualified doctor
  • Dispatch genuine medications from an accredited pharmacy
  • Offer same day delivery
  • Offer free next-day delivery
  • Provide free medical advice and support
  • Provide a comprehensive guide to conditions and their treatments online
  • Offer seven-day patient support
  • Provide simple repeat-prescription ordering
  • Provide a discreet order tracking service

Our history

Initially, euroClinix was launched as an online clinic solely dedicated to treating embarrassing male conditions. However, it soon became evident that there was a wider appeal throughout Europe for various medications used to treat embarrassing conditions. As a result, we now offer a range of treatments for common lifestyle conditions for both men and women including impotence treatments and contraceptives.

Today euroClinix is the leading online clinic throughout Europe. From humble beginnings, see how our company has changed over the years.

Our ethos

euroClinix provides an ethical alternative for people who wish to purchase medication online, for either convenience or because they would feel uncomfortable seeking treatment from a doctor in person. We provide a selection of branded and genuine medications for very common conditions, all of which are safe to prescribe over the internet through an online consultation.

The safety of our patients is paramount. We never prescribe a treatment unless we are sure that it is beneficial and safe for the patient to take. We insist that all medications are prepared by professional pharmacists, and that only genuine medications are dispensed. None of the medications on our site are considered to be addictive or likely to be abused.

We aim to offer the most convenient service possible. Although our consultation service is comprehensive, the process of ordering is quick and efficient. Within a couple of hours, your consultation will be reviewed, and your medication dispensed and prepared for shipping. This is why we are able to offer overnight delivery on almost all orders, so that you can begin the treatment you need almost immediately.

euroClinix is more than just a seller of medication; we provide full medical support, before, during and after your treatment. Our Patient Support Team is available to answer your queries seven days a week and you can always request to speak to one of our partner doctors directly.


The online consultation is the process which doctors use to prescribe medicines online, without the patient needing a prior prescription. Whenever you place an order for medication online, you will be asked to complete a short series of medical questions. This includes questions about your general health and questions specific to the condition you need to treat.Our partner doctors can use this information to assess your suitability for your chosen medication. If approved, they will write a prescription and forward it to our pharmacy.

The consultation process ensures that you only receive medication which is safe for you to take. If our partner doctor is ever in doubt, they will either decline your order or contact you for further information. An online consultation may in some cases not be as suitable as a face-to-face consultation, and in these circumstances our partner doctor may recommend that you visit a doctor in person.

How we are regulated

All our partner doctors are correctly registered in their respective EU countries and our pharmacy has been accredited by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. You can check their credentials by clicking here. The registration number is 9010082.

Our privacy policy complies with all EU Ethics Committee rules regarding privacy and confidentiality. Your medical details are covered by doctor-patient confidentiality restrictions, and will not be shared with any outside party.

Registered and Correspondence Address

Hexpress Healthcare Limited
144 Mitcham Road
London SW17 9NH

Tel : 020 3322 1755
Email : info@euroclinix.co.uk

Media Enquiries
Please contact our Corporate Communications team and email your queries to: .

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