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Impotence in Young Men

While it has been researched and concluded that impotence is more commonly experienced by older men, younger men can also suffer from the condition. It is much more difficult to get an exact idea of how many young men suffer from impotence, as they are less likely to talk about it than older men, who tend to be less embarrassed about the problem. It is estimated that a high number of young men experience this condition, and that it is not as unusual as people may think.

How can anxiety cause impotence?

Causes of impotence in young men

In older men, impotence is often caused by physical reasons, such as atherosclerosis. This is not the case with younger men; this type of impotence can rather be linked to a number of psychological causes. The leading psychological cause of impotence in younger men is said to be anxiety, which can be triggered by a number of different problems.

Anxiety can be caused by:

  • Fear of sexual intercourse or under-performing
  • Fear of pregnancy or getting an STI
  • Lack of experience or bad past sexual experiences
  • Being rushed or fear of being caught out

Anxiety is not however the only cause of impotence in men; depression, stress and conflicts with your partner can also play a part.

Fact: Anxiety is the most common cause of impotence in young men.

Lifestyle factors

Although impotence in young men is most commonly related to < a href="/en/erectile-dysfunction/causes-of-impotence">psychological factors, lifestyle issues can also have an impact, such as excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, recreational drugs and being overweight. If you are experiencing problems with your erection you would be advised to think about your lifestyle and the ways you can improve your health.

Treatments for impotence in younger men

Treating this condition is much easier today, as most of the treatments available are non-invasive and carry only a minimal risk. Younger men should, however, chat to a doctor before taking any action, as making the wrong choice of treatment could have a detrimental effect on their health. You can contact our Medical team if you are worried about talking to a doctor in person.

Prescription medication is the most common treatment for men suffering with erectile dysfunction, but there is a trend amongst younger men to treat these medications casually as performance enhancers. Prescription treatments, such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, all carry certain precautions and can potentially cause side effects. They are not aphrodisiacs, and while serious side effects are rare, you must have a prescription before you use any of these medications.

If anxiety or other psychological reasons are the cause of your condition, which is likely in younger men, then it is crucial to get to the source of it. Seeing a therapist of counsellor and talking about the problem may help you to understand the root cause and could be a more suitable long-term solution than prescription treatment.

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